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CSSF warns against “Neon Switzerland AG” broker

The Luxembourg regulator has issued a warning to investors against Neon Switzerland AG. The CSSF publications show that potential investors are contacted by people who introduce themselves as consultants of Neon Switzerland AG, proposing contracts they refer to as “Robo Trading” and “Livret Neon”. In the published warning, the regulator includes the contact form page “”.

CSSF warns against:

Robo Trading / Livret Neon

COMPANY: Neon Switzerland AG

CSSF’s warning

Austriackie FMA ostrzega

3 entities blacklisted by the FMA

FMA warns against:

CFD Advanced

COMPANY: CFD Advanced Limited

Check out 3 previous warnings about this platform from FCA, FSMA and CySEC.

FMA’s warning



Check out 3 previous warnings about this platform from FSMA, CONSOB and FCA.

FMA’s warning

Paraiba World


FMA’s warning

Włoski regulator rynku usług finansowych - CONSOB, ostrzega przed nieautoryzowanymi firmami

CONSOB published warnings against 5 scams

The Italian regulator blocked access in its country to websites offering investment products that did not comply with the obligation to obtain a license. Among the published entities was the company Nab Europe LTD, which is the fifth website belonging to this company, which was blocked by CONSOB within 12 months.

CONSOB warns against:


COMPANY: Nab Europe Limited

Check out 4 previous warnings about this company, published by CONSOB.

WBI Invest


In December last year, CONSOB blocked access to the website, scammers reactivated their platform under a changed URL to continue their fraudulent practices. The new website of the pseudo-broker has been obscured by the regulator, but it could be expected that the platform will return soon in the new address.

Check out the previous warning posted by CONSOB for this platform.

365investments / 365investimenti


MTP Expert

COMPANY: Lakeshore Services OU

Global X Trade


CONSOB’s press releases


12 warnings from the Spanish CNMV

CNMV warns against:

5 Markets

COMPANY: Uncanny Services Limited




COMPANY: Apexcrypt Limited



Fin Cloud

COMPANY: Surreptitious Group LLC

Check out 2 previous warnings about this platform, published by CONSOB and the ForexRev editorial team.

ZOE Broker / Generación Zoe

COMPANY: Generación Zoe, S.A. / Universidad Del Trading, S.A. Kurzena Limited

Golden Gates


IQ Traders

COMPANY: Fylder Limited


COMPANY: Leumi Overseas Trust Corporation Limited


COMPANY: Delta Nomines Limited

Trading Bloom

COMPANY: Bloomb trading facility B.V.

Treasure 180

COMPANY: Treasure Forex Global Limited

CNMV’s warning list

bafin ostrzeżenie

The and the platforms in BaFin’s blacklist

BaFin warns against:

Bit Money House


BaFin’s warning

Inertia Finance


The website of the pseudo-broker Inertia Finance, apart from being on the BaFin warning list, was also previously blocked by CONSOB in Italy.

Check out the previous warning posted by CONSOB for this platform.

BaFin’s warning

sfc hong kong

SFC ostrzega przed “Arrano Network”

SFC warns against:

Arrano Network


The fake broker pretends to be Venture Smart Asia Limited, which is registered and licensed by SFC.

SFC’s warning

knf ostrzeżenia broker in the KNF’s warning list

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), with a slight delay, warns against the dishonest broker Access to the platform has not been possible for several days, previously the pseudo-broker appeared on the list of FSMA and CNMV warnings. ForexRev editors published a warning against this entity over a year ago.

In the warning, the KNF does not go into details about the reason why the platform was on the list of warnings. From the “relevant information” provided by the regulator in the announcement, we learn that it is “Proceedings in the case of an act under Art. 178 of the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments. The Chairman of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority joined the proceedings initiated by another entity.”

KNF warnings list:



Check out 3 previous warnings about this platform, posted by ForexRev, FSMA, and CNMV.

KNF’s warning

forexrev ostrzega

Watch out for the platform

We warn our readers against the NexusFxStock pseudo-investment platform. The broker website itself is untrustworthy. There is a small amount of any user opinions about cooperation on the web, which is no longer surprising when we pay attention to the fact that the domain was registered a month ago – on 02.22.2022. The broker declares that the finances of the platform are managed by “Nexus FX Stock, Inc.”, which is regulated in many jurisdictions – in which? However, this remains a mystery. A company with such a name does not exist, so there is no license to offer investment intermediation products.

From the information that was found on the web about this platform, we learn that the URL was identified in many e-mail messages classified as SPAM, which acted on the basis of “phishing”.

Nexus Fx Stocks

COMPANY: Nexus FX Stock, Inc.

FCA ostrzeżenie

4 platforms blacklisted by the British FCA

The British FCA has issued a warning against the platform. The dishonest broker reports that the platform’s financial management company is Cryptomegaoptions PLC, allegedly registered and licensed by the FCA. An entity with that name is not on the FCA register.

FCA warns against:


COMPANY: Cryptomegaoptions Corp. (z siedzibą na St. Vincent and The Grenadines).

FCA’s warning

Dynamic Crypto Traders


FCA’s warning

Alpha Crypto Trade Fx

COMPANY: Alpha Crypto Trade FX Limited

FCA’s warning

Financial Services Monitoring Authority


FCA’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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