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Warnings: JetCapitals, KapitalYard, IGM Holdings…


8 warnings from the Spanish CNMV

The OptiMarkets platform, managed by Donnybrook Consulting LTD, almost specialising in creating scams – platforms by which fraudsters extort money from investors, appeared on the list of warnings published by the Spanish National Commission for Exchanges (CNMV).

The company has appeared on the black lists of European regulators many times. The warnings concerned multiple websites operated by the same company: Donnybrook Consulting LTD.

The company is responsible, i.e. for OnyxProfit, OFXB, OptiMarkets, Euro Fx, Energy-Markets

To check all warnings against Donnybrook Consulting LTD, please use our search engine.

Another company that has been repeatedly placed on the warning lists is Axis Solutions LTD, responsible for the pseudo-brokerage platforms, and Axis Solutions LTD is affiliated with KBS Capital Markets LTD and is responsible for scams with the same profile: Swiss Premium Fx, IMC Trades, Top Capital FX…

CNMV warns against:




COMPANY: OptiMarket, INC / Donnybrook Consulting Limited

Check out the previous warning posted by CONSOB for this platform.

To check the other 2 warnings about this company, please use our search engine.


COMPANY: Donnybrook Consulting Limited

Check out the previous warning posted by ForexRev for this platform.

To check the other 9 warnings about this company, please use our search engine.

Arox Capital

COMPANY: AroxCapital Trading Limited / AroxCapital Limited

Check out the previous warning posted by AMF for this platform.

To check the other 2 warnings about this company, please use our search engine.




COMPANY: Sunton Capital Limited

EU Finance




Check out the previous warning posted by FCA for this platform.

To check the other 3 warnings about this company, please use our search engine.

CNMV’s warning list

FCA ostrzeżenie

FCA warns against IGM Holdings and 3 other fake-brokers

In April 2021, the ForexRev editorial team published a warning against investing in the IGM Holdings platform. The broker encourages you to deposit money on the platform while guaranteeing a quick and guaranteed profit. However, when a client applies to a withdrawal of funds from the platform, the fraudsters inform about the need to pay a fictitious tax and additional commissions to extort additional amounts from an unaware investor. is an unlicensed investment brokerage platform. The lack of permission to offer financial products means that the investor’s funds entrusted to the platform are not subject to legal protection.

The dishonest broker on the website did not include the company’s basic data that supervises the platform. Thus the investor cannot verify its credibility. In addition, platform customers are encouraged to install a program for remote computer operation, through which fraudsters obtain data, e.g. for internet banking.

FCA warns against:

IGM Holdings


FCA’s warning



FCA’s warning



FCA’s warning

365 Capital FX

 Sand Limited

FCA’s warning


“FX Crusher” blacklisted by FINMA is a platform that offers access to trading bots that are supposed to provide a sure profit. According to the information on the website, the minimum deposit required to start trading on the platform is $1,000.

FINMA warns against:

FX Crusher


FINMA’s warning

consob (włoski nadzorca rynku usług finansowych)) ostrzeżenie przeciwko nieautoryzowanym podmiotom

CONSOB reiterates its warning about the EuroMTS

The CONSOB re-placed the dishonest EuroMTS broker on its list of warnings. The first warning was published a few days earlier in a collective press release and other platforms offering services in violation of the current law.

The Italian regulator decided to warn against this entity again. The fraudulent broker was to be included in the list of warnings because of the illegal use of the acronym and logo of CONSOB and ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) in promotional documentation or contracts provided to potential clients.

The CONSOB has ordered a dishonest broker to end illegal activities and deactivate the website through which unauthorised services are offered.

CONSOB warns against:


COMPANY: Dzikanta Limited

CONSOB’s warning list

forexrev ostrzega

ForexRev: we warn against 2 suspicious brokers

Based on reports from our readers, we warn against 2 platforms offering investment brokerage services.

Midside Finances is an investment platform that is independent of any regulatory agency. The lack of a license means that any institutions do not protect customer savings paid to the platform.

Many unfavourable opinions about this platform on the web indicate that the problem begins when the investor applies to money withdrawal. The platform effectively prevents this process and then breaks off contact with the customer.

JetCapitals is a platform managed by the off-shore company Lore Tech Solutions LLC, registered at St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The broker’s website does not provide information on the licenses held, which permit its services in Europe. Depositing your savings on this platform may result in their loss.

Midside Finances Limited

COMPANY: Midside Finances Limited


COMPANY: Lore Tech Solutions LLC

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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