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Warnings: Status Markets, RevolutionFX, Pattern Trader…

FCA ostrzeżenie

FCA warns against Status Markets and GS4 Trade brokers

The British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has placed the Status Markets platform on its list of warnings. The off-shore company MarCo Global Projects Ltd, registered in the Marshall Islands, which is not authorised to offer investment services in Europe, is responsible for the platform.

Check the ForexRev warning against the StatusMarkets rogue broker.

The British regulator also warns against investing its funds in the platform. As in Status Markets, the company is registered in the so-called tax haven in the Marshall Islands and does not have a license to offer its products in Europe.

FCA warns against:


COMPANY: MarCo Global Projects Limited

FCA’s warning

Gs4 Trade

COMPANY: GS4trade Invest Limited

FCA’s warning


11 warnings from the Spanish CNMV regulator

The MorganFx platform appeared among the entities blacklisted by CNMV. The company Preqster LTD, which is responsible for this platform, is also responsible for fraud with the same profile previously listed in the warning list of the Italian financial regulator CONSOB. The website Preqster Limited previously used to extort investors’ funds was called Pips500 and was available at As of today, the Pips500 website is not available.

CNMV also warns of the platform, which previously offered its services at the URL, changed after CONSOB issued a warning in April 2021 domain to

CNMV warns against:

Morgan Fx

COMPANY: Preqster Limited

Check out the previous Preqster LTD warning posted by CONSOB.

ZORO Global

COMPANY: ZORO Global Limited


COMPANY: Servicios Bursátiles Internacionales Limited



Primery Swiss Group


Check out the previous warning against this platform posted by CONSOB.




COMPANY: Gold Bach Invest Limited


COMPANY: Savi Holdings Limited

Check out the previous warning against this platform posted by CONSOB.





A dishonest broker uses the data of another properly registered company to gain a potential investor’s trust. The impersonator has no connection with, and is not to be confused with, the genuine entity.

Compay’s data that the “” dishonest broker uses:

Reference number: 2381

Richness Empire

COMPANY: Richness Empire Limited

Check out the previous FCA warning about this company.

CNMV’s warning list

amf ostrzeżenieAMF warns against platform

The French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) listed a not licensed platform to offer investment intermediation services on its list of warnings.

AMF warns against:

Neo Placement


AMF’s warning list

what to do if i've been scammed

Watch out for Pattern Trader SCAM

We would like to warn our readers against a rogue broker offering their services via

Consultants contact a potential client by phone informing about an inactive trading account on their website. The callers introduce themselves using popular Polish names and surnames to build trust in the interlocutor. However, they are revealed by the Eastern accent popular among similar scams, which indicates a potential fraud and raises the first suspicions.

When asked for a license number, a consultant and the authority that granted permission to offer investment services cannot provide a reliable answer by offering the document to be sent to the e-mail address provided by the interlocutor. The company’s representative also does not provide information about the company responsible for the platform. 

We also did not find out from what source our contact details, including telephone number, and first name and surname, come from. Most likely, the company obtained the data in a dishonest way, and by revealing the source of the data, they would admit to violating the provisions on the protection of personal data.

The broker’s website looks quite primitive. The regulations of the privacy policy and terms of website use are not available in Polish, although the website offers this language version. There are many spelling and stylistic errors in the portal’s content, which probably results from the rush of its creation. The domain was registered in 2021.

The opinions we found on the web show that the platform refers you to unregulated brokers after completing the registration process. In most cases, it was AspenHolding, an unregulated broker, against which the Polish KNF and Italian CONSOB published warnings.

ForexRev warns against:



Author: Izabela Kamionka

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