About us

The Forex market can be risky not only because of dynamic changes in exchange rates, but also because of problems encountered by brokers operating in the market. Although the majority of brokers are solid and reliable partners of our investments, it is worth reading the reviews on particular brokers before you entrust them with your capital. This is why the ForexRev portal was launched. We provide a place where anyone can check out reviews on Forex/CFD brokers. A place where anyone can rate and add an opinion on their brokers. 

This site provides detailed information about each broker, such as the leverage offered, minimum deposit or legal regulations applicable to a particular broker. In addition, each user can rate their own broker against various criteria. Each user can also add their own review of a broker. A summary rating is displayed next to each of them, enabling a quick evaluation of a particular broker.

Moreover, each broker is accompanied by a mini forum where you can ask questions about a particular broker.

Here, you can also find a ranking of brokers based on users’ ratings.

Don’t wait. Help others and rate your broker!

Note: Opinions and posts on ForexRev.com represent personal opinions and views of their respective authors and should not be interpreted as recommendations to purchase or sell securities. ForexRev.org assumes no responsibility or liability for such content.