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Forex Calculators

We present you Forex calculators, helpful to every trader in their daily work. If you need an additional calculator that will facilitate your daily trading, write to us!

  • Pip Value Calculator – a tool that allows you to calculate the value of one pip for a given currency pair and transaction volume;
  • Profit Calculator – allows you to calculate the potential profit when implementing a given scenario (achieving a certain price);
  • Margin Calculator – check what deposit you must have to perform a specific transaction;
  • Carry Trade Calculator – Do you want to earn a difference in interest rates? If so, the Carry Trade calculator is for you;
  • Pivot Points Calculator – quickly set support and resistance levels using Pivot Points.

Note: Remember to double check the value before you decide to make an investment decision based on the calculations of one of the calculators. The exchange rates of your broker may differ from those presented in the above calculators. In addition, they do not include commissions and spreads imposed on transactions by brokers.

Note: Opinions and posts on ForexRev.com represent personal opinions and views of their respective authors and should not be interpreted as recommendations to purchase or sell securities. ForexRev.org assumes no responsibility or liability for such content.
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