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Company Libra Markets
Broker type SCAM
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No problems with withdrawals. No suspicious practices.
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Libra Markets is a scam broker, appeared on the warning lists of many regulators, from the British FCA to the Maltese FMSA. We warn you against transfering any money to this company.

If you have had any contact with Libra Markets, please share your comment and opinion.

What to do when you’ve been scammed?

Check our guide and if you paid by card try to use a chargeback

Michał Misiura


Company Libra Markets
Broker type SCAM
Leverage -
Minimum deposit -
Negative balance protection -
Regulations -
Trading platforms -
Payments -
EUR/USD Spread -
Min lot -
Country -
Established in 2019
Number of instruments -
Discount -

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Customer Service:1

My name is Matej and in December 2019 I saw several ads for Cryptocurrency investments at libramarket platform and decided to invest € 250 in it.
Immediately they called me (Peter Wyler), gave me a special Security Code and put me in contact with the person who was going to be my supervisor and advisor and will take care about my account te be profitable. Peter Wyler was very friendly, he explained how they were going to work indicating that they would only work with 10% or max. 20% of the capital invested so that there would not be any chance to get some losses and if there were, they were put on the minimum. After few days Peter Wyler contacted me with a special offer how to increase profits and of course I got on the screen every day a great results. My money was increasing, we are doing great. A lot of messages from WhatsApp, great halving events, great opportunities tio invest more ….
But he started asking me to invest more money fairly quickly. At the beginning I told him that he could get up to € 15,000 ( as a maximum ), he helped me with BTC transactions as well. He transfered also an amount of His money in 5 minutes to my account to see, how easy it is. Actually he send a donation of 180,00 EUR for one lady which is leaving alone here in Slovenija with two kids. Really great and honest guy.... they are professionall fraudsters! After that private transfer he was calling me every day to invest minimum € 50,000. I told him that I couldn't reach that amount. He helped me a lot, he found some money inside company to prepare a special contract among some things ...And I agreed to invest more. Before that we did official withdrawal of 400 EUR in 5 minutes.
Problems began to come after 6 months with first possible contracted withdrowal. With an immediate effect inside my account with a negative transactions they empty the account in a few days. They put their money into my account (70.000 EUR), asking me to invest 70.000 EUR more ( Peter Wyler) to protect the account with special »double« transactions. I even dont understand their minds, how they can be so presumptuous after clear message that I will not invest any more.
I received a message from Peter Wyler; I am no longer going to take care of your cases... I will ask recovery department to take you under their guidance....Actually they push me to another- Recovery Department. A new person appear, Mr. Dustin Moore. Very positive and trustworthy person, but because of all I am still very distrustful because of previous actions made by Peter Wyler, who was continuously asking for more money and was not protecting my account as stated inside signed contract. I will share that contract with all you, in case, that I woldnt be protected by Libramarkets company and their representatives.
I discuss with Mr. Dustin Moore (08_07_2020), he explained me that situation is not so bad and we will be able to safe the account and get investment back.
I am working on all the necessay papers and preparing »Case Study« in case, If I will judge it from my experiences and numbers inside the account to be cheating and prolonging agony by the Recovery Department.

Official answers to me and all others I know from LIBRAMARKETS are pathetic with a bit of arrogance. Their "fake" brokers avoid clear answers and always responds in PR mode.
Ambivalence is a reflection of their imagination and the defenses they want to build as the only response they have to theirs criminal acts of stealing the funds entrusted to Libramarkets.
Everything has been going accordingly to the Libramarkets plan until the contract has expired and the obligations arising from the contractual payments.
I have in written from their representative (Peter Wyler-obviously a fake name), that they will be able to repay me in 14 days after withdrowall request. But they are doing fraudulent moves and trying to weak my account till money will dissapear inside the account running without "any control" by me from the beggining of our cooperation. I believe, that they are controlling all the moves inside the account very smart, thats why i am calling Libramarkets - Scammers.
I will not change my opinion till withdrowal will be done as contracted.
Stay safe and beware of them.

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No problems with withdrawals. No suspicious practices.
Contact with the support. Deposit/withdrawal process. Reliability.
Level of spreads and commissions. Product Range.
Ease of use, fast execution, reliability.


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