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Warnings (10.02): Alps Markets, FxGlobalTraders, Digi Coins…

On the lists of warnings appeared:

  • The Ultimate Forex –
  • Mega Trade Station –
  • Digi Coins –
  • Fx Global Traders–
  • Cloud Fx Options –
  • Jinlong Zhihui –
  • Alps Markets –

CySec ostrzeżenie

5 warnings from the Cypriot CySEC

CySEC has issued warnings against 5 brokers. The Cyprus Securities informs that these platforms are not licensed to provide financial services, but many of them use fictitious license numbers to build the trust of a potential customer.

List of warnings:

  • The Ultimate Forex –
  • Mega Trade Station –
  • Digi Coins –
  • Fx Global Traders–
  • Cloud Fx Options –

warning from CySEC

sfc hong kongSFC issued a warning against Jinlong Zhihui

The regulator reports that targets Hong Kong investors, but is also available in English for customers in other regions of the world. uses bogus license numbers on its website.

The SFC blacklist includes the following platform:

Jinlong Zhihui

COMPANY: Jinlong Zhihui Information Technology Ltd
EMAIL: [email protected]
ADDRESS: DMCC Business Centre Level No 1 Jewellery & Gemplex 3 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

warning from SFC

oszukany przez SCAM - co zrobić

Watch out for Alps Markets!

Recently, we are getting more and more reports from injured people regarding the Alps Markets platform offering trading on the Forex / CFD market.

The broker’s website doesn’t provide basic information about the company name, registered office address or license number authorizing the provision of financial services. According to reports from clients who have used the services of the Alps Markets broker, the company doesn’t withdraw their funds.

On one of the subpages there is information about the need to install AnyDesk on your computer in order to create an account on the website. This program has long been used extensively among scammers claiming to be licensed Forex brokers.

After creating an account on the Alps Markets website, the client is asked to pay a deposit via a cryptocurrency exchange office. This solution secures the platform against withdrawing funds by the client using the ChargeBack service, which allows clients to recover funds paid to the broker’s account with a payment card.

Alps Markets

EMAIL: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
TELEPHONE: +74992164863
JURISDICTION: Czech Republic

Check the Alps Markets profile and leave a comment

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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