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Warnings (13.07): eTrades800, CitiGroup Global Markets Ltd…

Austriackie FMA ostrzega


3 entities in FMA’s warning list

The Austrian financial market regulator placed on the list of warnings the platforms of 3 brokers offering investment services without the required license.

EffortWe Global Limited

EffortWe Global Limited

FMA’s warning


COMPANY: HF and Company Limited / HF Global Management Limited

FMA’s warning

Glare Markets


FMA’s warning


CNMV warns against 4 brokers

Tu Dinero Inteligente



COMPANY: Paisfinance Investing Limited



Fischer Partners / FIPT


CNMV’s warning list

oszukany przez SCAM - co zrobić

Beware of the CitiBank clone

We warn against the dishonest broker CitiGroup Global Markets Ltd, so far it has offered its products via the platform, however, the domain address has been slightly modified, the platform is now available at

Spoofers pretend to be the British branch of CitiBank, hoping to gain the trust of a potential investor who is convinced that they are starting trading on an international bank’s investment platform, which makes their funds safe.

Nothing could be more wrong, fraudsters are increasingly using the data of companies well-known to investors. The dishonest broker impersonates Citigroup Global Markets Limited, indicates that the company’s registered office address is in Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY United Kingdom, but in the FCA register, we notice a completely different address, the real company has its headquarters Citigroup Center, 25 Canada Square, London, E14 5LBE 1 4 5 LB, UK, the domain that has been registered for this entity is Such details usually allow the inquisitive investor to unmask the fraudster. Therefore, we urge our readers to meticulously and reliably verify the investment platform before entrusting the broker with their funds. 

ForexRev warns against:



The above-listed entity is impersonating a genuine entity having a similar name.

Company’s data that the CitiGroup Global Markets Ltd uses:

Company’s name: Citigroup Global Markets Limited
Reference number: 124384
Company’s number: 01763297
Proprietary domain:

The impersonator has no connection with, and is not to be confused with, the genuine entity.

Check the scam profile, share your opinion

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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