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Warnings: Kanga Exchange, The Crystal Corp, Union Markets…

forexrev ostrzegaBe careful on Thecrystalcorp.co

We warn you against investing in The Crystal Corp platform. The company’s employees present clients with a forged document intended to resemble a license to offer investment intermediation services. The concerned investor points out that the consultants who contacted him had a characteristic Eastern accent while presenting themselves with popular Polish names and surnames.

ForexRev warns against:

The Crystal Corp

WEBSITE: www.thecrystalcorp.co

FCA ostrzeżenie

21 entities blacklisted by FCA

FCA warns against:

Loyalty FX Markets

WEBSITE: www.loyaltyfxmarket.com

FCA’s warning

Crypto EmpireFX

WEBSITE: www.cryptoe-mpirefx.com
COMPANY: Crypto Epirefx Limited

FCA’s warning

Coin Cloud Crypto Invest

WEBSITE: www.coincloudcryptoinvest.com

FCA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.leadwaycryptofx.com

FCA’s warning

FX Crypto Binary

WEBSITE: www.fxcryptobinary.com

FCA’s warning

First Crypto FX

WEBSITE: www.firstcryptofx.com

FCA’s warning

All Crypto Invest

WEBSITE: www.allcryptoinvest.com

FCA’s warning

Gain Crypto

WEBSITE: www.gain-cryptoinvestment.com

FCA’s warning

FX Crypto Legal Trade

WEBSITE: www.fxcryptolegaltrade.com

FCA’s warning

First FX Market

WEBSITE: www.firstfxmarket.com

FCA’s warning

Bit Trade FX

WEBSITE: www.bittradefxinvestment.com

FCA’s warning

Crypto Hub Investments

WEBSITE: www.cryptohubinvestments.com

FCA’s warning

Vintage Crypto Assets

WEBSITE: www.vintagecryptoassets.com

FCA’s warning

Crypto Leashed FX

WEBSITE: www.cryptoleashedfx.com

FCA’s warning

Crypto FX Valley

WEBSITE: www.cryptofxvalley.com

FCA’s warning

MercuryFX Investments

WEBSITE: www.mercuryfxinvestments.com

FCA’s warning

Investing Solution FX

WEBSITE: www.investingsolutionfx.com

FCA’s warning

Digital Asset Cryptocurrency

WEBSITE: www.digitalassetcryptocurrency.co

FCA’s warning

Elite Investment FX

WEBSITE: www.eliteinvestmentfx.net

FCA’s warning

Accurate Crypto FX Traders 247

WEBSITE: www.accuratecryptofxtraders247.com

FCA’s warning

Green Invest Crypto

WEBSITE: www.greeninvestcrypto.com

FCA’s warning

bafin ostrzeżenie

The German BaFin has placed the cakedefi.com and unionmarkets.com investment platforms on its list of warnings

BaFin warns against brokers who offer investment brokerage services without the required authorization. Companies that carry out banking activities or provide financial services in Germany require authorization under the KWG.

BaFin warns against:

Union Markets

WEBSITE: www.unionmarkets.com

BaFin’s warning

Cake Defi

WEBSITE: www.cakedefi.com
COMPANY: Cake Pte. Ltd

BaFin’s warning

knf ostrzeżenia

Kanga Exchange blacklisted by KNF

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) has placed the Polish cryptocurrency exchange “Kanga Exchange” on the list of public warnings. Stock exchange representatives believe that the regulator acted based on slander and false information blame the entire confusion on the competition.

Through the Crypto Roast channel in social media, representatives of Kanga responded to the matter, who informed those interested during the streaming that they had not received any letter from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority so far, which would indicate an investigation into the operation of the Kanga.Exchange platform had been initiated.

We have a hunch bordering on the certainty that it is rather the action of the competitive company. […] It was certainly not that the KNF had caused the wolf from the forest itself. Our intuition tells us that someone kindly denounced us – said Łukasz Żeligowski. Kangas CTO, in a live broadcast.

Łukasz Żeligowski, referring to the case, did not specify what competition he meant, however, he informed that Kangas’s team conducted its own investigation to find the culprit, which ended up finding the culprit and the company intends to take consequences against him.

So far, no message has appeared on the official stock exchange platform that would inform investors about the whole situation.

Good Investments LTD and BSSIP LTD are companies that appeared in the announcement published by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

KNF warns against:

Kanga Exchange

WEBSITE: www.kanga.exchange
COMPANY: Good Investments Limited / BSSIP Limited

KNF’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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