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Warnings (17.03): Bit Capitals, Tradesboost, Axedo…

On the list of warnings appeared:

  • U Trade FX –
  • Bit Capitals –
  • Axedo –
  • Tradesboost –

FCA ostrzeżenie

FCA warns against U Trade FX

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has placed UTradeFx on its list of warnings. A dishonest broker uses another company’s license number. In this way, the broker tries to gain the trust of a potential investor. FCA declares that these entities are not related to each other and that the license number is being used illegally.

U Trade FX

COMPANY: Tradernet Ltd
TELEPHONE: +441223926348

data of the authorized company whose license number is used by

COMPANY: Trade Facts Ltd.
ADDRESS: Devon House, 58 St. Katharine’s Way London E1W 1JP
TELEPHONE: +442075508515
EMAIL: [email protected]

FCA’s warning

bafin ostrzeżenie

2 platforms on BaFin’s warning list, managed by Share Oracle Ltd., appeared on the blacklist of the German Federal Financial Services Authority. The company was responsible for the platform, which in the same way extorted investors’ money. The FCA and FSMA had previously warned about the platform. Besides, the company is a clone of the regulated broker BIT Capital GmbH, based in Berlin, uses the license number of the above-mentioned company.

Another platform mentioned today by the BaFin regulator is the Axedo broker, which informs clients about the possession of a license issued by the FCA, BaFin informs that this information is not true, the company is not regulated by any European regulatory authority. In the context of its operations, Share Oracle Ltd. uses the names Bit Capitals and Bit Capital LLC as well as the address of BIT Capital GmbH illegally.

Bit Capitals

COMPANY: Share Oracle Ltd.

data of the authorized company whose license number is used by


BaFin’s warning



BaFin’s warning


Tradesboost on FINMA’s blacklist

The dishonest broker “Tradesboost” has published an attachment on its website that is to confirm the possession of a license for the provision of financial services. This “certificate” is purportedly issued by the company ZEOH LTD, which deals with setting up companies, offers assistance with registering entities and provides registered offices and various other services.

As per the own statement of ZEOH, the “certificate” published by “Tradesboost” is legally invalid, has not been produced by ZEOH and uses the latter’s name and replicated logotype without consent. In addition to this “certificate”, the “Tradesboost” website does not provide the name of the company that deals with the platform’s financial settlements and does not provide the number of the competent regulator’s license that would authorize investment activities.


ADDRESS: Brandschenkestrasse 42, 8002 Zürich

FINMA’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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