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Warnings: Expert Financial Solutions, Next Wiss, Clomex24…

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Scam Expert Financial Solutions LTD with a new website address

Again, we warn against the “Expert Financial Solutions Limited” scam. Previously, a dishonest broker offered its services through the platform. However, the domain has slightly changed, now it is available at

Expert Financial Solutions Limited is an unregulated investment platform that does not have the right to acquire clients in Poland or any European Union countries. As the location of his office, he gives his address in London, but it is not the company’s actual operational centre, and it is not known where it is. The British Financial Supervision Authority (FCA) issued a warning that the platform was impersonating a legitimate company.

Our editorial office is constantly receiving reports from injured persons. Platform customers report that it is impossible to withdraw funds from the platform.

It is worth noting that legally operating brokers do not acquire their clients by phone or offer help at every step of the investing process. Rather, they are fraud domains, disguising themselves as intermediaries in the financial markets.

In November 2021, Greenfield Investment, available at, appeared on the KNF’s list of public warnings. Today the domain is inactive, and the dishonest broker offers its services via the website

We would also like to warn our readers about the platform. As declared by the broker on its website, the platform is supervised by the off-shore company Jivtsoy LTD, based in the Marshall Islands.

The aggrieved person’s testimony shows that the broker runs a rather complicated withdrawal policy. The broker’s phone consultants harass a potential client with calls, persuading him to deposit $250. The investor is informed that he has been assigned an “individual investment advisor” to advise on the concluded transactions.

After making a deposit, there are other easy earning opportunities. A private pseudo-investment advisor offers seasonal promotions, granting the investor additional bonuses. In the injured person’s case, the broker awarded a bonus of 520USD. At this point, it is worth noting that the granting of cash bonuses to stock market investors is illegal in the European Union.

After generating a small profit on the platform, the client decided to order the withdrawal of funds from the platform. After consulting with the previously assigned “specialist”, the client was informed about the necessity to close all open positions on the account. However, the consultant informed the investor that it is possible to pay out only in the deposit paid earlier. All revenues generated on the platform are “the company’s capital” and are not subject to payout.

The injured person decided to submit a notification to the prosecutor’s office.

ForexRev warns against:

Expert Financial Solutions Limited

COMPANY: Expert Financial Solutions Limited

Check out the 2 previous warnings about this platform, posted by FCA and ForexRev.

View Expert Financial Solutions Limited’s profile and provide feedback.

Greenfield Investment


Check out the previous warning about this platform, published by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF).

Next Wiss

COMPANY: Jivtsoy Limited

FCA ostrzeżenie

3 platforms blacklisted by FCA

FCA warns against:

Crypto FX Trade Stock


FCA’s warning


COMPANY: BinaryForexCrypto Limited

FCA’s warning

Coindex Trade


FCA’s warning

consob (włoski nadzorca rynku usług finansowych)) ostrzeżenie przeciwko nieautoryzowanym podmiotom

CONSOB blocked access to 5 unauthorized investment platforms

CONSOB is an Italian regulator that takes decisive action against platforms that violate the law or operate in violation of the law. The websites of brokers that CONSOB blacklists are obfuscated, and access to them is impossible in Italy until the end of the investigation procedure.

Today, 5 broker platforms have been added to the list of warnings. Among them was Strat LTD’s company, which was previously blacklisted by CONSOB in November last year. Back then, however, it offered its products via the platform. The domain change was most likely a result of the broker’s website being obscured by the Italian regulator.

Od lipca 2019 roku CONSOB zaciemnił 605 stron internetowych.

CONSOB warns against:

Crypto Pro 24

COMPANY: Crypto Solution Limited

Invest Agrico

COMPANY: Agrico Holdings Limited

Wirex Invest 24

COMPANY: Wirexinvest Invest Limited / Wirex UAB

Finexo Inv

COMPANY: Strat Limited

Check out the previous warning posted by CONSOB about this company.

Invest Area

COMPANY: Invest Area Limited

CONSOB’s press release

CySec ostrzeżenie

CySEC has placed 12 platforms on the list of warnings

CySEC warns against:



WRXST Global


Prime XBT Options


Charl Gate




CFD Advanced


Check out the 2 previous warnings about this platform from the FCA and FSMA.



Marketing Kingdom




Colmex Pro Ltd (clone)


A dishonest broker uses the data of another properly registered company to gain the trust of a potential investor.

Company’s data that the “” fake-broker uses:

Company’s name: Colmex Pro LTD
Reference number: 260064
CySEC’s license: 123/10
Proprietary domain: /

NTB Financial Market (clone)


A dishonest broker uses the data of another properly registered company to gain the trust of a potential investor.

Company’s data that the “” fake-broker uses:

Proprietary domain: ForexTime LTD
Reference number: 310361
CySEC’s license: 185/12
Proprietary domain:

Other companies indicated by the broker on its website are NTB Financial Market Group LTD and NTB Financial Market UK LTD. Pseudo-brokers often refer to existing, registered companies to prey on their image or give non-existent company names.

CySEC’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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