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“RCE Banque” platform blacklisted by the CySEC [check all warnings]

Amerykańskie SEC przyznało w tym roku 88 milionów dolarów nagrody

15 entities in the SEC’s blacklist

SEC warns against:

Mitrex Coin Trade

WEBSITE: www.mitrexcointrade.com

Optimum Markets

WEBSITE: www.optimummarkets.co

Orbinox Stock

WEBSITE: www.orbinoxstock.com

Pro Expert Earnings

WEBSITE: www.proexpertearnings.net

Pro Income Stream

WEBSITE: www.proincomestream.com

Qual Invest Equities

WEBSITE: www.qualinvestequities.com

Sky GlobalFx

WEBSITE: www.skyglobalfx.com

Spring Pro Trade

WEBSITE: www.springprotrade.com

Swiftlive Trades

WEBSITE: www.swiftlivetrades.com

Trade Mill Fx

WEBSITE: www.trademillfx.com


WEBSITE: www.tradeov.com


WEBSITE: www.traderyt.com

Unique Trade Market

WEBSITE: www.uniquetrademarket.com

Wall Street Top Trade

WEBSITE: www.wstoptrades.com


WESITE: www.zahamax.com

SEC’s blacklist

bafin ostrzeżenie

BaFin published warnings against the “mfcapitalfx.de” platform

BaFin warns against:

MF Capital Fx (clone)

WEBSITE: www.mfcapitalfx.de

The German regulator BaFin in a published statement informs about an incident of identity theft by the mfcapitalfx.de platform. Fraudsters pose as MF-Capital GmbH in order to extort funds from investors who are to be convinced that a legal, existing company manages the funds deposited on the platform. BaFin informs that this information is untrue and the above-mentioned company has no connection with the mfcapitalfx.de platform.

The dishonest broker pretends to be another, properly registered company and uses its data to gain the trust of a potential investor.

Company dana that the “mfcapitalfx.de” fake-broker uses:

Company name: MF-Capital GmbH

BaFin’s warning

CySec ostrzeżenie

5 brokers in the CySEC’s warning list

CySEC warns against:

RCE Banque

WEBSITE: www.rcebanque.com

The Cypriot regulator has placed a platform that appeared in the ForexRev warning in August 2022 on the list of warnings. We warned against this platform based on investor reports we received. Investors reported problems with the withdrawal and fraudulent practices of the broker related to extortion of deposits to “unblock” the withdrawal of the deposit from the investment account, sending false documents that allegedly prove that the broker holds a license to offer investment services, and insistently persuading the investor to make further deposit payments.

Our suspicions and those of investors reporting to our editorial office are confirmed by a warning published by CySEC.

If you have experience with this broker, please share your opinion in the comment on his profile.

Check the previous warning about this platform published by ForexRev in August 2022.

Winnex Consulting

WEBSITE: www.winnexconsulting.com

Please check the previous warning regarding this platform published by CONSOB in October 2022.

Robotics Forex

WEBSITE: www.roboticsforex.com

Goldenburg Funds

WEBSITE: www.goldenburgfunds.com

One Capital Invest

WEBSITE: www.onecapitalinvest.co

CySEC’s warning


CNMV warns against 5 scams

CNMV warns against:


WEBSITE: www.bitdema.com
COMPANY: Special Entrepreneur Systems, SL

Nordex Invest

WEBSITE: www.nordexinvest.com
COMPANY: Nordex Invest Limited

Grow Pro Markets

WEBSITE: www.growpromarkets.com


WEBSITE: www.onspotb.com
COMPANY: Onspot BNK Limited

All Crypt Capital

WEBSITE: www.allcryptcapital.com

CNMV’s warning list

sfc hong kong

SFC warns against the clone of “Saxo Bank”

SFC warns against:

VN Smart (clone)

WEBSITE: www.vnsmart.com

The dishonest broker pretends to be another, properly registered company and uses its data to gain the trust of a potential investor.

Company data that the “vnsmart.com” fake-broker uses:

Company name: Saxo Capital Markets HK Limited

SFC’s warning

SCC Exchange

WEBSITE: www.sccehk.com

SFC’s warning

SSI Markets

WEBSITE: www.ssimarkets.com
COMPANY: Sunshine International Market Limited

SFC’s warning

forexrev ostrzega

Watch out for the “trodtrading.com” scam

ForexRev warns against:

Trod Trading

WEBSITE: www.trodtrading.com

According to the investor’s account, the scammers offer “trading investment plans with a high rate of return”. The investor’s suspicions were aroused by the need to fill out the allegedly required document, which would allow opening an investment account, but for an additional fee, this document would be “processed faster” and the process of registering and activating the account, thanks to this payment, would be faster.

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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