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Warnings (2.10): TRS Markets, Acceptrade…

On the warning lists appeared:

  • TRS Markets – trsmarkets.com
  • Aston Trust (BMB SERVICES LTD) – astontrust.com
  • Acceptrade – acceptrade.com
  • Bluebird Options Limited – bluebirdoptions.com/index.html
  • Luxeeforex (klon Luxe Asset Finance Ltd) – luxeeforex.com
  • Tradebase24 – tradebase24.com
  • TRS Markets – trsmarkets.com
  • Richemontson – richemontson.cc
  • Globalix Ltd – globalixs.com
  • Astrica Ltd – market4fx.com
  • Tradixa Ltd – tradi-xa.com
  • MyCapital – mycapitalit.cc
  • LevelTrades – leveltrades.com
  • Livia Options (LvO Ltd) – liviaoptions.com

oszukany przez SCAM - co zrobić

Watch out for Aston Trust and TRS Markets

TRS Markets is an offshore broker that works without a license. We have received information from customers who are unable to withdraw funds deposited on his platform. According to data available on the web, her website is hosted from Russia.

Aston Trust is a SCAM that pretends to be a company that offers access to the Forex / CFD market. This broker was blacklisted by the Spanish CNMV.

TRS Markets

WEBSITE: trsmarkets.com
EMAIL: [email protected]
TELEPHONE: +442038857271; +74950327381
ADDRESS: 50 St. Mary Axe, London, UK


WEBSITE: astontrust.com
EMAIL: [email protected]
TELEPHONE: +442038688943

consob (włoski nadzorca rynku usług finansowych)) ostrzeżenie przeciwko nieautoryzowanym podmiotom

CONSOB (Italy): blocked 5 websites

The Italian regulator has blocked 5 websites owned by unregulated Forex brokers that provide services to the country’s residents. Offshore registered companies can be investment fraud and endanger customers.

Brokerzy, których strony zablokował CONSOB:

  • Richemontson – richemontson.cc
  • Globalix Ltd – globalixs.com
  • Astrica Ltd – market4fx.com
  • Tradixa Ltd – tradi-xa.com
  • MyCapital – mycapitalit.cc

CONSOB’s press realases


CSSF (Luxemburg): Warning against LevelTrades

The Luxembourg regulator has issued a warning against the unlicensed trading platform LevelTrades, which was previously blacklisted by the British FCA. The CSSF advises that the company is not authorized and may be an investment fraud. In addition, the authority contradicts the information that the company is based in Luxembourg.


WEBSITE: leveltrades.com
ADDRESS: 57 boulevard Royal, 2449 Luxembourg

Official warning from CSSF

FCA ostrzeżenie

FCA (United Kingdom): Warning against 5 FX brokers

UK regulator warns of 5 unregulated brokers. The platforms Acceptrade, Bluebird Options Limited, Luxeeforex (being a clone of the licensed Luxe Asset Finance Ltd), Tradebase24 and Investobrokers platforms were blacklisted. The FCA cautions against entrusting these entities with any funds.


WEBSITE: acceptrade.com
EMAIL: [email protected]
TELEPHONE: +442039360576, 02039911150, 01614514835, 07700394326, 02080893834
ADDRESS: Nancy whiticker house, 7 Old street, Roseau, Dominica

Official warning from FCA

Bluebird Options Limited

WEBSITE: bluebirdoptions.com/index.html
EMAIL: [email protected]
TELEPHONE: +19089890903; +19089890903; +19089890903; +44 7451273925
ADDRESS: Hinds Building, Kingstown, St. Vincent and Grenadines

Official warning from FCA

Luxeeforex (clone of Luxe Asset Finance Ltd)

WEBSITE: luxeeforex.com
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS: TradeEd Group Ltd, Beachmont Business Center, Suite 53 Kingstown, St Vincent & the Grenadines

Official warning from FCA


WEBSITE: tradebase24.com
EMAIL: [email protected]
TELEPHONE: 02037698137, 02038078074
ADDRESS: Victoria St, Westminster, London, SW1E 6QW

Official warning from FCA


WEBSITE: investobrokers.com
EMAIL: [email protected]
TELEPHONE: 02085044434; +447723015390
ADDRESS: Baarerstrasse 135, 6300 Zug Switzerland, 25th FloorHeron Tower; 110 Bishopsgate London, EC2N 4AY, United Kingdom

Official warning from FCA

MFSA Malta ostrzeżenie

MFSA (Malta): Warning against Livia Options

The Maltese regulator warns of the Livia Options trading platform owned by LvO Ltd. The entity claims to be regulated by the MFSA and licensed by the Forex company. Local financial supervision denies this information.

Livia Options (LvO Ltd)

WEBSITE: liviaoptions.com

Official warning from MFSA

Author: Michał Misiura

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