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Warnings (21.04): Monfex, FINEXRO, CryptoZone24

The alert lists include:

  • ALT-CPM (klon) –
  • FX-Active –
  • PrimeBit –
  • CiscoTrades –
  • MONFEX – www. / /
  • Global Blockchain Protection Association –
  • Tradient Profits –
  • Chinen Securities Group –
  • Fin Toward –
  • GCG International – / /


11 entities on the CNMV warning list

The Spanish National Stock Exchange Commission (CNMV) included the well-known SCAM – Monfex on its list of warnings. It turns out that even though our editorial office has been receiving a lot of reports regarding this platform from injured persons for a long time, none of the European regulators has so far decided to blacklist the broker.

We warned about the platform in January 2020. is directly related to a similarly large-scale fraud: Allianz-Market, which was also included in our warning list and, as was in the case of the MONFEX, none of the European regulators has so far issued warnings against this entity.

Monfex owner is also responsible for several similar scams: Maxitrade, MaxiMarkets and umarkets, and still offers its services as a “PatternTrader” under the domain: and

CNMV placed on its list of warnings:

  • FINEXRO – [company: STRONGEX LTD] [see previous warning]
  • ALT-CPM (clone) –
  • FX-Active –
  • PrimeBit – [company: Primebit LTD]
  • CiscoTrades – [company: CISCO CAPITALS ESPAÑA]
  • MONFEX – www. / / [company: Swiss-Svg Holding LTD]

CNMV’s warning

MFSA Malta ostrzeżenie

MFSA warns against investing in highly volatile financial instruments

MFSA reminds investors, and in particular retail clients that the investment decision should not under any circumstances be based on media hype. Retail investors should always obtain the required information from reliable sources and enter into transactions with licensed entities. The Maltese Financial Supervisory Authority suggests that consumers consider consulting an investment advisor before investing in this type of financial product and should always assess the associated risks, especially if the investment to be made involves trading with a margin.

Because dishonest brokers often use fake licenses to confirm that these entities are regulated and subject to the supervision of regulators, MFSA reminds that the investor should verify each license before providing the broker with their sensitive data or paying the deposit.

Each country has its own commission dealing with granting licenses. After issuing a permit to offer investment services, the broker is placed on the regulator’s list to allow the investor to verify it.

Licenses issued by MFSA are verifiable >here<

MFSA’s warning

FCA ostrzeżenie

FCA warns against three entities

Platforms of 2 dishonest brokers and a website offering investment advisory services: Chinen Securities Group, appeared on the FCA’s list of warnings. 

FCA warns against:

Global Blockchain Protection Association


FCA’s warning

Chinen Securities Group


FCA’s warning

Tradient Profits


FCA’s warning

bafin ostrzeżenie

FinToward on the BaFin’s blacklist

The German Financial Supervision Authority warns against the platform The company makes investment decisions about the accounts without first consulting with the account holders. It also offers clients the option of concluding contracts claiming that they are fully insured and that there is no possibility of losing their invested capital. Also, Fin Toward Ltd. offers comprehensive customer advice on its website.


COMPANY: Fin Toward Ltd.

BaFin’s warning

knf ostrzeżenia

KNF warns against GCG International

Sage Global Ltd was placed on the warning list of the Polish National Financial Supervision Authority. The company provides its services under the following domains: / / 

The company is based in the Republic of Marshall Islands and is not licensed to provide investment services in the European Union.

FCA, FSMA and CSSF also issued the warning against GCG International broker. The first warning against this broker was published in September 2020.

GCG International

COMPANY: Sage Global Ltd

KNF’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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