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Warnings: Vibeinv, Level Trade, OnyxProfit…


23 entities on CNMV’s blacklist

CNMV warns against the dishonest broker Vibeinvv.com. Previously, this broker appeared 5 times on the list of warnings of the Italian regulator CONSOB due to violation of international law, which is offering investment intermediation products without the required license.

The Spanish regulator also placed the OnyxProfit.pro platform on the list of warnings. The company responsible for the OnyxProfit platform is Donnybrook Consulting LTD, which is responsible for many scams that have been intensively promoted on the web recently, incl. ABSystem, Euro Fx, OptiMarkets… The company was blacklisted 13 times by European regulators.

CNMV warns against:

Vibeinv / Vibeinvest

WEBSITE: www.vibeinvv.com / www.vibeinv24.com
COMPANY: Vibeinv Invest Limited

Check out the 2 previous warnings about this platform posted by CONSOB.

Investing Times

WEBSITE: www.investing-times.com


WEBSITE: www.pncexglobal.com


WEBSITE: www.kangot.com

Prime Asset Trade

WEBSITE: www.primeassettrade.com
COMPANY: Digital Trade Limited


WEBSITE: www.northstate.io
COMPANY: Long Creek Partners Limited

Check out 2 previous warnings about this platform, published by FSMA and FINMA.

Mido Finance

WEBSITE: www.mido-finance.com
 Mido Finance Limited

Main Exchange

WEBSITE: www.mainexchange.ltd


WEBSITE: www.hexally.com
COMPANY: Solme Partners Limited

Evolution Trading Center

WEBSITE: www.evolutiontradingcenter.com

Citic Global

WEBSITE: www.citicglobal.com


WEBSITE: www.onyxprofit.pro
COMPANY: Donnybrook Consulting Limited

Check out 2 previous warnings about this platform, published by CONSOB and the ForexRev editorial team.

Clyde Trade

WEBSITE: www.clydetrade.co
COMPANY: Tetris Group

Market Gold

WEBSITE: www.market-gold.com
COMPANY: Astrica Limited

This is the 5th platform aimed at extorting savings from investors. Earlier, Astrica LTD appeared on the warning lists 5 times.

24 Funds

WEBSITE: www.24funds.io
COMPANY: Samiki Partners Limited


WEBSITE: www.daxiron.com
COMPANY: Synnfrey Sol Limited


WEBSITE: www.advaliance.com
COMPANY: Advaliance Limited

Level Trade

WEBSITE: www.leveltrade.io
COMPANY: Lollygag Partners Limited

FX Core

WEBSITE: www.fxcore.trade
COMPANY: Lollygag Partners Limited

Check out the 5 previous warnings about Lollygag Partners LTD.

Radix Invest

WEBSITE: www.radixinvest.com
COMPANY: Tradetech Group Limited

Check out the previous AMF warning about this platform.

Grupo FX Capital

WEBSITE: www.grupofxcapital.com
COMPANY: FX Capital Group Limited

FN Deal

WEBSITE: www.fndeal.com

Cash FX Group

WEBSITE: www.cashfxgroup.com

Please check the 4 previous warnings for this platform.

CNMV’s warning list

sfc hong kong

Hkselead.com and westpointfx.com are blacklisted by SFC

Komisja Papierów Wartościowych i Kontraktów Terminowych Hongkongu (SFC) na liście ostrzeżeń umieściła spółkę Hong Kong Selead Group Limited, oferującą usługi inwestycyjne bez posiadania licencji. 

The second warning issued by the Hong Kong regulator concerns the WestPointFX broker, which, in addition to offering services without authorization, uses the data of another properly registered company to gain the trust of a potential investor. SFC informs that the platform is not affiliated with Sun Hung Kai Forex Limited, an SFC licensed corporation.

SFC warns against:

HK Selead

WEBSITE: www.hkselead.com
COMPANY: Hong Kong Selead Group Limited

SFC’s warning


WEBSITE: www.westpointfx.com

Check out the previous warning about this platform posted by FINMA.

Austriackie FMA ostrzegaA new warning from the FMA

The FMA declares that impressivearea.com has not been authorized to offer banking services. It is a violation of the law to provide services without the required authorization. Investors’ funds on this platform are not protected and may be at risk.

FMA warns against:

Impressive Area

WEBSITE: www.impressivearea.com

FMA’s warning

finma4 warnings from FINMA

FINMA warns against:


WEBSITE: www.greencryptofx.com

Check out the previous FCA warning against this platform.

FINMA’s warning

Bryce Management

WEBSITE: www.brycemgmt.com

FINMA’s warning

FINIKO Invest Swiss

WEBSITE: www.finiko-invest.ch

FINMA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.mancardinc.com

FINMA’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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