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Warnings (28.07): Global Maxis, Status Markets, Gloffix…

knf ostrzeżenia

Global Maxis in KNF’s list of warnings

The platform was placed on the National Financial Supervision Authority (KNF). The platform of SystemDevCorporate LLC combines the features of a dishonest Forex broker and a financial pyramid offering passive income with an incredibly high rate of return.

The Caribbean archipelago of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and a mailbox assigned to many forex SCAMs. We have received reports from aggrieved customers who cannot get their money back.

The dishonest broker appeared on our list of warnings in September 2020.

KNF warns against:

Global Maxis

COMPANY: SystemDevCorporate LLC

Check out the previous warning about this platform posted by ForexRev.

KNF’s list of warnings

oszukany przez SCAM - co zrobić

Watch out for Status Markets broker

The investment platform is not licensed to provide investment services. The company responsible for this scam is MarCo Global Projects Limited. You can find many fake reviews about this broker on the web. The opinions, although allegedly written by Polish citizens, contain many obvious linguistic and stylistic errors.

The website of the dishonest broker is promoted by the platform 1k Daily Profit (, Invest & Trade (, and Investment Generator (

ForexRev warns against:


COMPANY: MarCo Global Projects Limited

bafin ostrzeżenie in BaFin’s warning list

The German Financial Market Regulator has placed the platform on the list of warnings, offering investment intermediation services without the required permit. Placing funds on an unregulated platform may risk losing them.

The SICFund broker uses a specially prepared document to confirm that the German Financial Supervision Authority authorizes it. The fake document has the BaFin logo and the license number, which is not in the regulator’s register.

BaFin warns against:



BaFin’s warning

sfc hong kong

SFC warns against Fincomex / Convoy Fund

SFC warns against investing in the platform, which is known as CONVOY Fund or CONSEJO. The broker’s website is not finished, and there is no data available on the company supervising the platform’s functioning.

SFC warns against:

Fincomex / Convoy Fund


SFC’s warning


CNMV blacklisted the broker “IX Inversors”

The Spanish regulator of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) declares that the broker platform is not a regulated entity and its provision of financial services is illegal.

CNMV warns against:

IX Inversors


CNMV’s warning list

FCA ostrzeżenie

Gloffix is an investment platform with a wide range of products, supervised by Advaniq Limited and Key Solutions Limited. The companies are not authorized to provide financial services. The rogue broker Gloffix appeared for the second time on the list of warnings. Earlier, a warning against this platform was published by the Spanish regulator CNMV.

FCA warns against:


COMPANY: Advaniq Limited, Key Solutions Limited

Check out the previous warning about this platform issued by CNMV.

FCA’s warning

Austriackie FMA ostrzega

The FMA blacklisted the rogue BankDeFx broker

BankDeFx appeared on the warning lists for the second time. The German BaFin previously published a warning against this entity.

FMA warns against:


COMPANY: BankDeFx Limited

Check out the previous warning about this platform issued by BaFin.

FMA’s warning


4 entities in FINMA’s blacklist

The Swiss regulator has issued warnings against 4 brokers offering investment intermediation services without the required license.

FINMA warns against:



Check out the previous warning about this platform issued by CNMV.

FINMA’s warning

Wellington Holdings


FINMA’s warning

Swiss Capital Bank


FINMA’s warning

Solutions Alternatives

WEBSITE: is not to be confused with the company, Solutions Alternatives SA, which is registered in the Swiss Commercial Register (CHE-112.769.929).

FINMA’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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  1. Sean turgoose

    Been trading with gloffix for a few weeks was told by senior broker to sell my stock held In bank of America on Wednesday afternoon and iv had trouble getting on there website since can any body help .

    Posted on 31 July 2021

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