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Warnings (6.11): Global Express Trading, DGXLTD…

On the warning lists appeared:

  • Global Express Trading / GXTrading Ltd (
  • JustCoin Trade Limited (
  • Bigstonemax (
  • DGXLTD (
  • Grupa Avariz (
  • Fx Stock Trade Income (
  • (
  • Skycapital (
  • First Class Financial Group sp. z o.o. 
  • Firma Cubic Services Ltd / Global Markets (

MFSA Malta ostrzeżenieMFSA warns against GXTrading and JustCoinTrade

The warning from the MSFA talks about companies which use a license number and information of another company in Malta although it is not registered there and does not have a license or authorisation from the MFSA to provide forex and other financial services. Flagged entities may be dangerous scams with a high risk of losing money.

New brokers on the MFSA blacklist:

  • Global Express Trading / GXTrading Ltd (
  • JustCoin Trade Limited (

List of MFSA warnings

FCA ostrzeżenie

FCA warns against unlicensed companies

These companies provide financial services or products in the UK without FCA approval. These may be high-risk investment frauds.


EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE NUMBER: +85297968930
ADRESS: Level 28One International Towers, 100 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney NSW 2000

Warning from FCA


EMAIL:[email protected]
PHONE NUMBER: +44 790 166 7285; +44 203 769 5928; +44 203 769 5928; +44 151 268 1782; +44 121 623 7952; +44 203 769 6044
ADRESS: 132 Lui Aier Street, Sofia, Bułgaria

Warning from FCA

BCSC ostrzeżenie

The Canadian regulator (BCSC) issues warnings to several companies

New companies on the BCSC blacklist:

  • Grupa Avariz (
  • Fx Stock Trade Income (
  • Skycapital (

Warning from BCSC

knf ostrzeżenia

KNF warns against 2 entities

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority has issued warnings to 2 companies that provide financial services without a proper license. Cubic Services Ltd registered in Seychelles is blacklisted due to violation of the act on trading in financial instruments. 

New companies on the KNF’s list of public warnings

  • First Class Financial Group sp. z o.o.
  • Cubic Services Ltd / Global Markets

List of KNF public warnings


CSSF warns against a clone of a licensed company

The company doesn’t have the necessary permits for investment and financial services offered.

Presidio Investments Limited

ADRESS: 6c, rue Gabriel Lippmann, 5365 Munsbach, Luksemburg

Warning from CSSF

Author: Konrad Juszczyk

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