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Company Tikmedia LLC
Broker type SCAM
Minimum deposit -
Regulations -
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No problems with withdrawals. No suspicious practices.
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Contact with the support. Deposit/withdrawal process. Reliability.
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Finantiko is another shady platform claiming to be a Forex broker. Offers trading in assets such as CFDs on stocks, indices, currencies, cryptocurrencies and raw materials. Finantiko, however, does not have any licenses, and the company itself is registered in the St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The portal shows the features of a typical SCAM. In addition, on the web you can find opinions (also among our readers) that this company uses aggressive telemarketing techniques and persuades you to donate as many funds as possible. Customers also report problems with the recovery of deposited money.

If you’ve dealt with this company, share your opinion.

What to do when you’ve been scammed by Finantiko?

Check our guide and if you paid by card try to use a chargeback

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Company Tikmedia LLC
Broker type SCAM
Leverage -
Minimum deposit -
Negative balance protection -
Regulations -
Trading platforms -
Payments -
EUR/USD Spread -
Min lot -
Country -
Established in -
Number of instruments -
Discount -

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Customer Service:1

I have had a problem with people calling Finantiko for over a week (Finantico - sometimes employees say at the beginning, if they can be called that by C or Finatico). I haven't logged in anywhere, I haven't provided my data, I don't have an account with them, but I don't know how they have my phone number and e-mail address. Now a lot of shopping is done online and maybe, somewhere they found my e-mail, name, surname and telephone number. The voice on the handset as if people from Ukraine. I explained that I did not register on their website, they were insistent and rude. One day some guy took me 30 minutes to say something about brokers. I replied: please do not tell me anything because I am not interested and I do not have any account with you. One day they didn't call and the phone calls started again. I'm already desperate !! Recently they intimidated me that they will take me to the police and pay maintanance fee ... but for what?! I know where I am registering and I am setting up an account, certainly not with them! I live on a pension and what would I look for in their company? I have never been interested in stock exchanges and brokers all my life. Please help! Their phones have various numbers. I read that they founded the company in 2019 and their capital is 5,000. Mockery !! I am asking for help, what should I do to leave me alone. They ring at different times. They speak cutting Polish. As if they were from Ukraine.

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No problems with withdrawals. No suspicious practices.
Contact with the support. Deposit/withdrawal process. Reliability.
Level of spreads and commissions. Product Range.
Ease of use, fast execution, reliability.


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