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Financial warnings from UK, Germany and Austria

FCA ostrzeżenie

FCA warns against 13 brokers

FCA warns against:


WEBSITE: www.fergofx.com

FCA’s warning

FX Auto Trade Pro

WEBSITE: www.fxautotradepro.com

FCA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.fxsmartchaintrade.com

FCA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.etradefxlive.com

FCA’s warning

Crypto View Option

WEBSITE: www.cryptoviewoption.com

FCA’s warning

Fx Signals Pro / Fx Pro Capital Trade

WEBSITE: www.fx-signalspro.com

FCA’s warning

Sugex Crypto Pro

WEBSITE: www.sugexcryptopro.net

FCA’s warning

Beta Fx Trade

WEBSITE: www.betafxtrade.com

FCA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.fx0ptionmininghub.com

FCA’s warning

Fx Trade Espana Community

WEBSITE: www.fxtradeespanacom.com

FCA’s warning

trust-financial-planning (clone)

WEBSITE: www.trust-financial-plannings.net / www.trust-financial-plannings.com

The dishonest broker pretends to be another, properly registered company and uses its data to gain the trust of a potential investor.

Company’s data that the “trust-financial-planning” fake-broker uses:

Company’s name: Trust Financial Planning Ltd
Reference number: 407457
Proprietary domain: trustfp.co.uk

FCA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.cryptolia.net
COMPANY: Cryptolia Limited

FCA’s warning

Bullish Fx Trade

WEBSITE: www.bullishfxtrade.com
COMPANY: Bullishfxtrade Limited

FCA’s warning

bafin ostrzeżenie

“UpbitFx Exchange” blacklisted by The BaFin

The German Federal Financial Services Authority (BaFin) has issued an alert regarding the upbitfxexchange.com investment platform. In the content of the website through which it offers investment intermediation products, the dishonest broker claims that it is regulated and licensed by BaFin – The German regulator declares that this entity is not known to it and did not grant it permission to offer banking products.

In addition, the information on the broker’s website includes references to NSFX Limited (nsbroker.com), an institution authorized in Malta and registered with BaFin as a cross-border service provider.

“Key parts of the nsbroker.com website have been copied by those responsible for the upbitfxexchange.com platform. NSFX Limited has no affiliation with the products and services offered by UpbitFx Exchange LTD. It is therefore an identity theft case committed against NSFX Limited.” – informs BaFin in the warning

On upbitfxexchange.com, the website operator primarily refers to himself as UpbitFx Exchange ltd. However, it also uses the name EM Ltd. in several locations. The business addresses listed on the site are in the United States and Malta.

BaFin warns against:

UpbitFx Exchange

WEBSITE: www.upbitfxexchange.com
COMPANY: UpbitFx Exchange Limited / EM Limited

BaFin’s warning

Austriackie FMA ostrzega

FMA warns against Top Suite LTD company

FMA warns against:


WEBSITE: www.joytrust.net
COMPANY: Top Suite Limited

FMA’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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