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30 dishonest brokers on the European regulators’ warning lists

FCA ostrzeżenie

20 entities blacklisted by the FCA

FCA warns against:

Webster Options

WEBSITE: www.websteroptions.com

FCA’s warning

Tophood Fx Trade 247

WEBSITE: www.tophoodfxtrade-247.com

FCA’s warning

E Trades Option

WEBSITE: www.etradesoption.com

FCA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.exorfxstrade.com

FCA’s warning

Profit Miners Info

WEBSITE: www.profit-miners.info

FCA’s warning

Extreme Access

WEBSITE: www.extreme-access.ltd

FCA’s warning

Stakes Holdings

WEBSITE: www.stakesholdings.net

FCA’s warning

Fx-Capital / FURUREVIEW Express

WEBSITE: www.fx-capital.co.uk

FCA’s warning

Skyler Fin Bank

WEBSITE: www.skylerfinbank.com

FCA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.uni-co.org

Check the 3 previous warnings about this platform published by KNF, ForexRev and FMA.

Jeśli masz doświadczenie z tym brokerem, podziel się opinią w komentarzu na jego profilu.

FCA’s warning

Recovery Global

WEBSITE: www.recovery-global.com

FCA’s warning

Upgraded Trade Fx

WEBSITE: www.upgradedtradefx.com

FCA’s warning

Expert Crypto Miners

WEBSITE: www.expertcrypto-miners.com

FCA’s warning

Egow Investments

WEBSITE: www.egow.io

FCA’s warning

Trade Glob Fx

WEBSITE: www.tradeglobfx.com

FCA’s warning

Keystone Crypto

WEBSITE: www.keystonecrypto.com

FCA’s warning

Bit Tradex

WEBSITE: www.bit-tradex.org

FCA’s warning

Nexpoint Global

WEBSITE: www.nexpoint-global.com

FCA’s warning

Nex Global

WEBSITE: www.nexglobal-cop.com

FCA’s warning

JEK Trade

WEBSITE: www.jektrade.com

FCA’s warning

cmvm warningn

The Portuguese financial market regulator warns against the Quotex broker

CMVM warns against:


WEBSITE: www.quotex.com / quotex-trade.io / qxbroker.com / quotex.io / quotexcorretora.com / partner.qxbroker.com
COMPANY: Maxbit LLC / Awesomo Limited

Please check the previous 2 warnings for this platform published by CONSOB and CNMV.

CMVM’s warning


FINMA warns against 2 dishonest brokers

FINMA warns against:

AI Profit (clone)

WEBSITE: www.ai-profit.com

The dishonest broker pretends to be another, properly registered company and uses its data to gain the trust of a potential investor.

Company data that the “ai-profit.com” fake-broker uses:

Company name: Artificial Intelligence Suisse SA
Reference number: CHE-441.395-086

FINMA’s warning

Gibbt / Geneva Investment Bank & Blockchain Trust / Geneva IB&BT

WEBSITE: www.gibbt.com

FINMA’s warning

Austriackie FMA ostrzega

6 dishonest brokers in the FMA’s blacklist

FMA warns against:


WEBSITE: www.rkase.com
COMPANY: Ritzco Markets Limited

FMA’s warning

Tera Trade

WEBSITE: www.teratrade.co

FMA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.trillant.com
COMPANY: EUPAC Digital Services Limited

FMA’s warning

Crypto Active Trading

WEBSITE: www.cryptoactivetrading.net

FMA’s warning

Delta Investment

WEBSITE: www.deltainvestment.at

FMA’s warning

Keystone International Markets / KSI Markets

WEBSITE: www.ksi-markets.com
COMPANY: Keystone International Markets Limited

FMA’s warning

bafin ostrzeżenie

“rxkcapital.com” platform blacklisted by the BaFin

BaFin warns against:

RXK Capital

WEBSITE: www.rxkcapital.com
COMPANY: RXK Management Limited

BaFin’s warning

Jeśli padłeś ofiarą oszustwa Forex a Twój broker nie znajduje się jeszcze na naszej liście ostrzeżeń, wyślij nam zgłoszenie na [email protected]

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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