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Warnings (16.07): Finvesting, TiMarkets, SwissMarketfx…

oszukany przez SCAM - co zrobić

ForexRev warns against Finvestings.com and Swissmarketfx.com


The dishonest broker Finvesting made its debut on the FSMA’s list of warnings in May 2021 and shortly thereafter appeared on the British FCA’s blacklist.

Finvesting scammers get customers in many different ways, our reader shared one of them.

“It started with advertising an investment in amazon for USD 250, to find out more, I had to provide an email and phone number …” – the deceived said.

An effective method of attracting a potential investor is displaying promising ads on one of the popular portals. Colorful advertising makes the client want to know the details of this investment but must provide contact details for this purpose.

“A phone call right away – an eastern accent, fast speech, lots of words, visions of the harm that banks are doing to us, and they have a great trading account where money will be safe and will earn.”

Still distrustful, the customer is manipulated by stories of big money, online earning that brings easy and fast money, with an initial deposit of only $ 250.

“More than two weeks of harassing phones, presentations on how to earn on these 250 USDs, persuasions as if it was easy to invest and earn with a larger deposit. And this way they slowly taking my cash. They are very credible, gain trust, even after depositing more money… “

As the required deposit is not a large amount in the prospect of earning large sums of money, often at this stage, many people decide to take a risk and transfer the funds to the fraudster. Consultants who play the role of an “investment supervisor” efficiently manipulate the results displayed on the client’s account to make him convinced that, in accordance with the previous assurances, the method works. Consultants propose to deposit larger amounts to be able to earn even more money than before.

Problems start when a satisfied customer tries to withdraw even a small fraction of his profit. The client is informed about the need to pay the commission on the withdrawal, tax on the obtained income, or the contact is completely interrupted.

“… contact breaks off, after some time they start calling again and say that they want to withdraw the deposit, but you still need to pay something”

Ultimately, the client couldn’t recover the money, and the case was reported to the local Police station.


We also warn against the entity Tikmedia LLC and the swissmarketfx.com platform. Tikmedia LLC is responsible for the scam with the same profile – finantiko.com / finantiko.net, against which we had warned our readers about in November 2020. Many victims of this platform have contacted us.

The victims of the new Tikmedia LLC platform – swissmarketfx.com, first noticed the eastern accent of people claiming to be “analysts” who act as “private investment advisers”, who actually are dishonest’s broker’s telephone consultants whose task is to obtain funds from investors. The minimum deposit required by fraudsters is the standard amount of 250 USD.

Fraudsters manipulate clients by influencing their emotions, referring to the guaranteed large profits from the “investment”, and additionally, as the aggrieved person reports, “they refer to the family sphere and use a very emotional language. […] they know manipulative techniques”.

Using an account on the legal Binance platform, via the remote desktop support program (AnyDesk), they guide the novice investor through the verification process while having access to all customer data, that will allow them to log in to the customer’s account in the future, and withdraw funds for own cryptocurrency wallets.

When the injured person was asked to log in to his bank while sharing the desktop by AnyDesk, the consultants tried to call again, but the quality of the conversation quickly changed from very polite conversation to profanity and insults directed at the interlocutor.

Ultimately, the aggrieved party failed to recover the funds transferred under the “deposit”.

In such situations, when access to the computer has been made available by a remote desktop program, we recommend that you use an anti-virus program that will allow you to detect the so-called fraudulent malware installed by fraudsters, and changing the passwords to which they could have access and blocking the identity documents provided to them.

Check the Finantiko profile, for which Tikmedia LLC is responsible, and our warning against the finantiko.com platform.

ForexRev warns against:


WEBSITE: www.finvestings.com
COMPANY: SanaKo Service Limited

Check the previous FCA’s warning against this platform.


WEBSITE: www.swissmarketfx.com

Check out the Tikmedia LLC warning posted by ForexRev.

bafin ostrzeżenie

TiMarkets blacklisted by BaFin

The German Federal Financial Services Authority (BaFin) has issued a warning against the investment platform timarkets.com, which offers financial intermediation services without the required authorization.

The website of the dishonest broker shows the address of the company in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. According to information available to BaFin, it appears that the company is also based in the UK. When advertising its products and services to potential investors, the company claims to be registered/licensed by the Markets Financial Authority (MFA) and IRBEM.

Today, the broker’s website is not available.

BaFin warns against:


WEBSITE: www.timarkets.com
COMPANY: Beradora Limited

Check out the previous warning issued by CONSOB for this platform.

BaFin’s warning

sfc hong kong

Hong Kong’s regulator warns against BTCADA Global Markets Ltd

SFC placed BTCADA Global Markets Ltd on the list of warnings, providing investment services without a permit. The regulator informs that the address of the registered office provided on the broker’s website is false. The scammers are using a Hong Kong bank account registered in the name of Andrew Metal Plastic Product Co Ltd.


WEBSITE: www.btcadaglobalfox.com / www.btc-gala.com / www.btcadaglobalfx.com / www.btcadaforex.com
COMPANY: Andrew Metal Plastic Product Co Limited / BTCADA Global Limited / BTCADAGlobal Limited / BTCADA Global Markets Limited

SFC’s warning

MFSA Malta ostrzeżenie

Legit Crypto Option in MFSA’s blacklist

The Maltese Financial Supervision Authority blacklisted the LegitCrypto Option broker, offering its services via the 007cryptooption.com website. The broker claims to have licenses issued by FCA, BaFin, AMF, CONSOB, and the Maltese MFSA, which issued this warning. The license numbers provided on the broker’s website are not real. The entity with such name and the indicated license number does not appear in the registers of regulators.

“The entity is NOT a Maltese registered Company NOR licensed or otherwise authorised by the MFSA to provide any investment services or other financial services which are required to be licensed or otherwise authorised under Maltese law.” – declares MFSA

MFSA warns against:

Legit Crypto Option / Citizen Crypto Mining FX

WEBSITE: www.007cryptooption.com

MFSA’s warning

FCA ostrzeżenie

4 warnings from FCA

The British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has included 4 unauthorized entities offering investment services on its list of warnings. Among the platforms identified by the FCA is the well-known Mercuryo scam that we warned our readers about in July 2020. Today’s FCA warning is the first official warning issued by the regulator.

If you have encountered this platform, check the broker profile and share your opinion about it.

The British regulator also warns against the Triton Capital Markets platform, which previously appeared on the FSMA and AMF warning lists. The platform was previously available at tritoncapitalmarkets.com, tritonmarkets.com, and triton-online.net, it currently provides unauthorized services via the tcapitalm.com website, while previous versions of the site are still available.

FCA warns against:


WEBSITE: www.mercuryo.co
COMPANY: Mercuryo Invest Limited

Check out our warning against this platform.

FCA’s warning

Richness Empire / BustFx

WEBSITE: www.bustfx.com
COMPANY: Richness Empire Limited

FCA’s warning

Stanford FX

WEBSITE: www.stanfordfx.com

FCA’s warning

Triton Capital Markets

WEBSITE: www.tcapitalm.com / www.tritoncapitalmarkets.com

Check out the previous FSMA’s warning about this platform.

FCA’s warning


FINMA warns against Nano-Markets.co

The Nano-Markets broker does not provide information about the company that supervises the financial operations of the platform, there is also no data on the licenses held by the regulators, thus the broker provides illegal investment brokerage services, and entrusting him with funds may result in their loss.

FINMA warns against:


WEBSITE: www.nano-markets.co

FINMA’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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