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21 entities on the FCA’s blacklist

FCA ostrzeżenie

FCA warns against 21 unlicensed Forex brokers

FCA warns against:

Belleo Fx

WEBSITE: www.belleofx.com

FCA’s warning

Auto FX Trade

WEBSITE: www.autofxtrade.net

FCA’s warning

Cryptocreek Mining

WEBSITE: www.cryptocreek-mining.com

FCA’s warning

Ultimate Trust Fx

WEBSITE: www.ultimatetrustfx.uk

FCA’s warning

FX Trading Station

WEBSITE: www.fxtradingstation.co.uk

FCA’s warning

Coin Trust Fx

WEBSITE: www.cointrustfx.online

FCA’s warning

Stock Bit Fx

WEBSITE: www.stocksbitfxltd.com

FCA’s warning

Prime Wealth Trade

WEBSITE: www.primewealthtrade.ltd

FCA’s warning

Trade Huze

WEBSITE: www.tradehuze.com

FCA’s warning

EX Trade / Horde Trade

WEBSITE: www.hordetrade.com

FCA’s warning

Denhigh FX Global

WEBSITE: www.denhighfxglobel.com
COMPANY: Denhigh FX Global Limited

FCA’s warning

Fx Newera

WEBSITE: www.fxnewera.com

FCA’s warning

Multifinance Fx

WEBSITE: www.multifinancefx.net

FCA’s warning

Dormantre Funds

WEBSITE: www.dormantinvestment.com

FCA’s warning

Coin Future Fx

WEBSITE: www.coinfuturefx.com

FCA’s warning

Legacy Trades

WEBSITE: www.legacy-tradesfx.online

FCA’s warning

Blu Fx

WEBSITE: www.blufx.co.uk

FCA’s warning

Royal Stock Fx

WEBSITE: www.royalstockfx.com

FCA’s warning

MX Investment Group

WEBSITE: www.mxinvestmentgroup.com

FCA’s warning

Global Trade

WEBSITE: www.globaltradesintl.com

FCA’s warning

forexrev ostrzega

Watch out for the “PrimeU” scam

ForexRev warns agianst:


WEBSITE: www.primeu.com

We warn you about the PrimeU investment platform, which is a fraudulent investment platform. According to the information on the website, it offers the possibility of trading CFD instruments. However, looking at it closer, we will not find information about any license or even the entity responsible for its operation. In addition, the investment account offer itself is structured in a way typical for scams, suggesting specific and very high returns on investment.

Our readers have also reported the inability to make withdrawals from PrimeU.

If you have experience with this broker, please share your opinion in the comment on his profile.

Finance Invest

WEBSITE: www.finance-invest.org

Check the previous warning regarding this platform, published by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority in October 2022.

We warn against the Finance Invest platform, which offers alleged investment services that allow you to earn large amounts in a short time. According to reports from our readers, this is a typical scheme of investment fraud, aimed at extorting as much money as possible from unaware clients.

According to information from the platform, its operator is BITFIRE SOFTWARE LTD, registered on the Isle of Man. It is worth adding that the company does not have any license allowing it to provide this type of service, especially in the EU.

If you have experience with this broker, please share your opinion in the comment on his profile.

Fin Art Media

WEBSITE: www.finartmedia.com
COMPANY: Cycle Core Inc

We warn against the investment platform finartmedia.com based on reports from our readers. According to reports, the platform does not pay deposits made. As a condition of withdrawal, there is often a need to pay a commission/tax or any other imaginary fee.

It is worth noting that the platform does not have any license to provide services of this type.

If you have experience with this broker, please share your opinion in the comment on his profile.

Check out our previous warning about this platform, published in August 2022.

CySec ostrzeżenie

5 entities blacklisted by the CySEC

CySEC warns against:

EDR Financial LTD

WEBSITE: www.edrfinancialltd.com

IPO Experts

WEBSITE: www.ipo-experts.com

First BTC FX

WEBSITE: www.firstbtcfx.com

HYCM Capital Markets

WEBSITE: www.hycmcapitalmarkets.com

Aglo Trade

WEBSITE: www.aglotrade.com

CySEC’s warning

Austriackie FMA ostrzega

“Florence Capital Advisor Group” in the FMA’s blacklist

FMA warns against:

Florence Capital Advisor Group

WEBSITE: www.florencecapital.at

FMA’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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