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Warnings (2.03): Universal Markets, Sky Capital, Insta-Trading

On today’s alert lists:

  • Insta Trading –
  • Group Open BK –
  • Euro FX –
  • Universal Markets –
  • Sky Capital –
  • FinTec Brokers / First Brokers –



CNMV adds 3 entities to the list of warnings

The Spanish regulator’s list of warnings includes, i.a. platform, previously, a warning against this broker was issued by CySec.

CNMV also warns against the broker GroupOpenBK, which is a clone of Open Bank S.A., as the regulator assures – these entities are not related to each other.

CNMV ostrzega przed:

  • Insta Trading – Protiviti International EOOD / Protiviti Group LTD –
  • Group Open BK – klon spółki OPEN BANK, S.A –
  • Euro FX – Donnybrook Consulting LTD –

CNMV’s list of warnings

FCA ostrzeżenie2 platforms on the FCA’s black list

FCA has added Universal Markets ( to its warning list. The platform was previously among our warnings and on the lists of many financial regulators, also FCA has warned against Umarkets once, this is the second warning against this platform.

The broker often changes the URL where we can find it. These include the websites,,,,

The Sky Capital platform, which the Spanish CNMV and CONSOB had previously warned against, was also on the list of British financial health warnings.

Universal Markets

UM Media LLC
[email protected][email protected]
Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingston, St Vincent & the Grenadines.

FCA’s warning

Sky Capital

COMPANY: Geiko Holdings LTD
EMAIL: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
ADDRESS: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, 1510, Beachmont, Kingston, St Vincent and Grenadines

FCA’s warning

sfc hong kong

SFC warnst against FintecBrokers

The Hong Kong SFC regulator placed platform on blacklist due to offering investment services without the required licenses to conduct this type of activity. The broker has 2 names by which we can recognize it – Fintec Brokers and First Brokers.

Website was previously placed on the UK FCA’s list of warnings. The company gives the address of its headquarters in Hong Kong, but as it turns out – it is not located there.

First Brokers / Fintec-Brokers

COMPANY: Tera Holdings Ltd
EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: +44-2038-853-613, +8-5-258-016-679, +274-3004-0034
ADDRESS: Flat A, 15F Hillier Comm. Bldg, 65-67 Bonham Strand East, Hong Kong

SFC’S warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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