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Warnings (28.03): FinlayCapital, AlphaLive, CryptoPros…

On the lists of warnings appeared:

  • RoyalCBank – www.royalcbank.com
  • GEverestFx – www.geverestfx.com
  • CryptoPros – www.cryptopros.ltd
  • FrankfurtFx – www.frankfurtfx.com
  • BullishFxMarkets – www.bullishfxmarkets.com
  • Goeverups – www.goeverups.com
  • Swiss Premium Fx – www.swisspremiumfx.com
  • EurTrade24 – www.eurtrade24.com
  • BimFx24 – www.bimfx24.co
  • Fino Capital – www.finocapital.io
  • 24 FinTime – www.24fintime.io
  • Finlay Capital – www.finlay.capital
  • FCA Regulation – www.fcaregulation.com
  • AlphaLive – www.alphalive.io

bafin ostrzeżenie

BaFin warns against Royal C Bank broker

The German Federal Financial Services Authority (BaFin) on March 1, 2021, ordered the royalcbank.com platform to terminate unauthorized activities in the area of managing the investor’s portfolio.

Accounts created by clients on the platform are to enable them to trade CFDs, Forex and Cryptocurrencies. The company makes investment decisions about the accounts without first consulting with the account holders. Whenever losses appear on managed accounts, Royal C Bank offers its clients the opportunity to participate in the “Wiederherstellungs program” (“recovery program” – offered only to customers in Germany).

BaFin’s warning

CySec ostrzeżenie

5 platforms on the CySec’s blacklist

Cypriot Financial Supervision Authority (CySec) has added 5 platforms to the list of warnings.

On CySec’s blacklist appeared:

  • GEverestFx – www.geverestfx.com [spółka: Geverestfx Ltd.]
  • CryptoPros – www.cryptopros.ltd [spółka: Crypto Pros Ltd.]
  • FrankfurtFx – www.frankfurtfx.com
  • BullishFxMarkets – www.bullishfxmarkets.com [spółka: Raw Trading Ltd / International Capital Markets Pty Ltd / IKBK Holdings Ltd / BullishFXMarkets Ltd]
  • Goeverups – www.goeverups.com [spółka: goeverups Ltd / EVERCORE GMBH LTD]

CySec’s warning list

consob (włoski nadzorca rynku usług finansowych)) ostrzeżenie przeciwko nieautoryzowanym podmiotom

CONSOB dodaje 4 podmioty do listy ostrzeżeń

Among the Italian regulator’s warnings (CONSOB), there were platforms that, although previously blacklisted by other European financial regulators, have not ceased their activities, including companies supervising websites: bimfx24.com; finocapital.io, finlay.capital. 

CONSOB blacklisted:

Swiss Premium Fx

WEBSITE: www.swisspremiumfx.com
COMPANY: KBS Capital Markets Ltd


WEBSITE: www.bimfx24.co
COMPANY: Terratech Ltd

see the previous warning about this platform


WEBSITE: www.eurtrade24.com
COMPANY: Terratech Ltd

Websites bimfx24.co and eurtrade24.com are new versions of the eufxinvest.com and eufxindex.com SCAMs that CONSOB had warned against.

Fino Capital

WEBSITE: www.finocapital.io
COMPANY: Lollygag Partners LTD

see the previous warning about this platform

24 FinTime

WEBSITE: www.24fintime.io
COMPANY: Widdershins Group Ltd

Finlay Capital

WEBSITE: www.finlay.capital
COMPANY: Widdershins Group Ltd

Website finlay.capital is a new version of finlay.io scam, that CNMV had warned against.

CONSOB’s press release

FCA ostrzeżenie

FCA warns against “FCA Regulation” and an Alpha Live broker

British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has included an entity on its list today, offering assistance in recovering funds paid to platforms that are pretending to be brokers. Fraudsters take the opportunity to extort more money from people who have fallen victim to SCAMs and who still hope that there will be an institution that will help them in this unequal fight against pseudo brokers.

The platform also pretends to be the regulator itself, calling itself “FCA Regulation” and using its website the institution’s reference number – The Financial Conduct Authority. However, the FCA assures that it has nothing to do with this platform and it doesn’t operate on behalf of the British Financial Supervision Authority.

FCA blacklisted entities:

WEBSITE: www.fcaregulation.com
ADDRESS: 113 51 Stockholm, Luntmakargatan 64, Sweden

FCA’s warning

Alpha Live

WEBSITE: www.alphalive.io
COMPANY: RedRock Ltd
ADDRESS: Tavernier Street, Wall House, 00152 Loubiere, Commonwealth of Dominica

Alphalive.io website is a new version of 7online.io scam, that FCA had warned against

FCA’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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