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Warnings: PrimeXBT, ABSystem, Quotex…

FCA ostrzeżenie

9 platform blacklisted by FCA

The British financial market regulator FCA placed the cryptofxtrades.online platform on its list of warnings. In January 2021, based on reports submitted to our editorial office, we published a warning about this platform, but then the fraudsters offered their services via the cryptofxtradeonline.com website.

FCA warns against:

Des Trading

WEBSITE: www.des-trading.com

FCA’s warning

Crypto FX Trades

WEBSITE: www.cryptofxtrades.online

Check out the previous warning about this platform posted by ForexRev.

FCA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.monafoli.com

FCA’s warning

CFD Advanced

WEBSITE: www.cfdadvanced.com

Check out the previous warning about this platform posted by FSMA.

FCA’s warning

Crypto Daily Market

WEBSITE: www.cryptodailymarket.com

FCA’s warning

Crypto Well Miner Fx

WEBSITE: www.cryptowellminerfx.com

FCA’s warning

InvestCrypto Base

WEBSITE: www.investcryptobase.com

FCA’s warning

TCC / Top Capital UK

WEBSITE: www.topcapitaluk.com / www.topcapitaluk.com / www.topcapitalcorporation.com / www.topcapitalcorporation.cn
COMPANY: Top Capital Corporation Limited

FCA’s warning

forexrev ostrzega

Watch out for eurounioninvestment.com

The website does not contain information about the company responsible for the functioning of the platform, and there is no confirmation that the broker has a license. People asking to create an account on the platform and start trading through it operate according to a scam pattern. Payment of the deposit is possible only by purchasing cryptocurrencies, which are then transferred to the account of the fraudster, thanks to this method, it is impossible to recover funds through the withdrawal of payments or the chargeback procedure.

ForexRev warns against:

Euro Union Investment

WEBSITE: www.eurounioninvestment.com

bafin ostrzeżenie

Wp Holding und Management LTD in BaFin’s warning list

The German Federal Financial Services Authority (BaFin) in the published warning informs that an investigation is being carried out against the broker to detect whether the platform’s activities violate the law in force in Germany. The information contained on the website of lplinvest.com gives reasonable grounds to suspect that WP HOLDING UND MANAGEMENT LTD conducts banking activities and provides financial services in Germany without the required permit.

BaFin warns against:

LP Invest

WEBSITE: www.lplinvest.com
Wp Holding und Management Limited

BaFin’s warning

consob (włoski nadzorca rynku usług finansowych)) ostrzeżenie przeciwko nieautoryzowanym podmiotom

18 warnings from CONSOB

The PrimeXBT investment platform has made its debut on the list of warnings of the Italian regulator CONSOB. This is the third official warning issued by the European financial market regulator against this platform.

PrimeXBT is a young broker operating in the new and poorly regulated crypto industry. In addition, it is registered in the Seychelles, so you should be careful when investing with this broker.

The solvency tests for PrimeXBT carried out by our editors were successful.

If you have any experiences with the broker, please share them by adding a review!

CONSOB warns against:

Gate Technology Corp

WEBSITE: www.gate.io / www.gateio.rock / www.gateio.ws
COMPANY: Gate Technology Corp

EliteCrypto Trade

WEBSITE: www.elitecryptotrade.com


WEBSITE: www.quotex.io / www.quotex.com
COMPANY: Quotex Limited / Awesomo Limited / Maxbit LLC

Check out the previous warning about this platform posted by CNMV.


WEBSITE: www.primexbt.com
COMPANY: PrimeXBT Trading Services LLC

If you have any experiences with the broker, please share them by adding a review!

Check out the previous 2 warnings about this platform from CNMV and AMF.

PO Trade

WEBSITE: www.po.trade
COMPANY: Po Trade Limited

A Markets

WEBSITE: www.amarkets.com / www.amarkets.org
COMPANY: AMarkets Limited


WEBSITE: www.finmaxbo.com
COMPAY: Max Capital Limited / Gatelinas UAB

Check out the previous warning about this platform posted by CNMV.

Simple Fx

WEBSITE: www.simplefx.com
COMPANY: SimpleFX Limited

Moneta Markets

WEBSITE: www.monetamarkets.com
COMPANY: Vantage Global Limited


WEBSITE: www.ultimate-mining.co

Bitcoin ERA

WEBSITE: www.bitcoinera.com / www.bitcoinera.app

Check out the 2 previous warnings about this platform, published by FSMA and FMA.

AB System

WEBSITE: www.absystem.pro / www.absystem.world
COMPANY: Donnybrook Consulting Limited

Check out the 2 previous warnings about this platform from CONSOB and CNMV.

Check out 14 previous warnings about Donnybrook Consulting LTD.


WEBSITE: www.cryptorobot.com


WEBSITE: www.sagatrade.io

Check out the previous FCA warning for this platform.

Bitcoin Evolution Pro / Coin Trade

WEBSITE: www.bitcoin-evolutionpro.com / www.cointrade.cc
COMPANY: Twingle Consulting Limited

Bitcoin UP

WEBSITE: www.bitcoin-up.live


WEBSITE: www.fxplanb.com


WEBSITE: www.binarium.com / www.binarium.global / www.binarium.trading
COMPANY: Binarium Limited

CONSOB’s press releases

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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