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The “tradon.io” platform in CMVM’s blacklist [30 new warnings]

knf ostrzeżenia

The “Stocklinity.com” platform blacklisted by the KNF

KNF warns against:


WEBSITE: www.stocklinity.com
COMPANY: Oliver Harbour LLC

KNF’s warning

BCSC ostrzeżenie

BCSC warns against 3 unlicensed investment platforms

BCSC warns against:

Global Crypto Trader

WEBSITE: www.globalcryptotraders.com

BCSC’s warning


WEBSITE: www.tudofx.com

Check out the previous warning issued by the FCA in February 2022.

BCSC’s warning

Word Wide Brokers / WWBrokers

WEBSITE: www.ww-brokers.com

BCSC’s warning

cmvm warningn

Tha “Tradon.io” platform in  the CMVM’s warning list

CMVM warns against:


WEBSITE: www.tradon.io
COMPANY: Ingenue Consulting LLC

Check out 2 previous warnings issued by CONSOB and CNMV.

CMVM’s warning


4 new warnings issued by the FINMA

FINMA warns against:

Everrise Brokers

WEBSITE: www.everrisebrokers.com

FINMA’s warning

Crypto Kasse

WEBSITE: www.cryptokasse.co
COMPANY: Cryptokasse-Finanzportal GmbH

FINMA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.kingzcrypto.com

FINMA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.olympus4x.com

FINMA’s warning

FSMA ostrzeżenia

11 fake investment platforms in the FSMA’s blacklist

FSMA warns against:


WEBSITE: www.bitraderpro.com

Trading Central

WEBSITE: www.tradingcentrals.com

Bitalpha AI

WEBSITE: www.bitalpha-ai.io / www.bitalpha-ai.nl / www.bitalpha-ai.org


WEBSITE: www.bitopps.com


WEBSITE: www.bullden.io

Capital Forex Live

WEBSITE: www.capitalforex.live
COMPANY: Capital Forex Live Limited

Capital One Markets

WEBSITE: www.capitalonemarkets.com

Capitals Trade Fx

WEBSITE: www.capitalstradefx.com

Cedar Signals

WEBSITE: www.cedarsignals.live


WEBSITE: www.crypto1capital-trade.com / www.crypto1capital.com

FSMA’s warning

Austriackie FMA ostrzega

2 warnings from the Austrian FMA

FMA warns against:

Cortana World

WEBSITE: www.cortanaworld.com / www.cortana-world.com

FMA’s warning

Aktien AG / Aktienag

WEBSITE: www.aktien.ag
COMPANY: Aktien C Limited

FMA’s warning

CySec ostrzeżenie

CySEC blacklisted 5 scams

CySEC warns against:

Cidma Corp

WEBSITE: www.cidmacorp.com

Radix Option Fx

WEBSITE: www.radixoptionfx.live

Broker Credit Service LTD

WEBSITE: www.brokercreditserviceltd.net


WEBSITE: www.hycmbot.com

Stock Valo

WEBSITE: www.stockvalo.com

CySEC’s warning

bafin ostrzeżenie

BaFin in the warning posted 2 platforms that should be avoided due to the lack of a license

BaFin warns against:

Hox Global / Hoxton

WEBSITE: www.hoxglobal.com
COMPANY: Trading Global (Hoxton) Limited

The provider claims to have branches in Switzerland, Cyprus, Australia and Great Britain. Moreover, it claims to be registered with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission; however, it is not possible to verify this registration.

BaFin’s warning

GTS Financial

WEBSITE: www.gtsfinancial.net

The company claims on its website that it is regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, but this cannot be verified.

BaFin’s warning

FCA ostrzeżenie

“Forextro” broker in FCA’s blacklist

FCA warns against:


WEBSITE: www.forextros.com

FCA’s warning

sfc hong kong

SFC warns against the “Waton Broker” platform

SFC warns against:

Waton Broker

WEBSITE: www.huatongzq.com / www.hhtzq.com

SFC’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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