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Warnings: SimpleWay, InterTradesFX, BluePrint…

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Watch out for SimpleWay and BluePrint brokers

We warn against the SimpleWay broker offering its services via the www.simpleway.world and www.simpleway.trade platforms. The websites are owned by a company that almost specializes in similar scams: Seabreeze Partners LTD. This company is responsible, among others, for MaxiPlus, ProfitAssist, InvestFlow scams.

Please use our search engine to see all available alerts against Seabreeze Partners Limited.

We also want to warn our readers about the BluePrint platform (www.blueprintglobalpartners.com). The broker does not have a license to offer investment brokerage services, the funds deposited on this platform may be lost due to the fact that the broker operates outside the applicable law in Europe.

In addition, the broker requires remote access to the investor’s computer via AnyDesk. Disclosing your computer screen to third parties can lead to serious consequences related to the loss of savings from your bank account, installation of malware or access to sensitive data stored on your computer’s hard drive.


WEBSITE: www.simpleway.world / www.simpleway.trade
COMPANY: Seabreeze Partners Limited


WEBSITE: www.blueprintglobalpartners.com

CySec ostrzeżenie

CySEC warns against 5 platforms

The TradesCodes.com platform, supervised by Depaho Limited, appeared on the CySEC list of warnings. The company previously offered its services via the FXGM platform (www.fxgm.com), against which a warning was issued by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF).

Depaho LTD is listed in the Cyprus Companies Register, with the license number 161/11, but the license is inactive and does not allow the broker to offer investment services on its basis.

CySEC also warns against the Fi-Gi.com platform, which refers to the Cypriot license number 823/14, the company with the indicated license number is not entered in the regulator’s register, most likely the number is false, and the information that the broker has got a license is intended to arouse trust in a potential investor. The broker does not provide the name of the company that oversees the platform.

EduFintech Market News

WEBSITE: www.edufintech.org


WEBSITE: www.vestlefx.com


WEBSITE: www.powerfxm.com
COMPANY: AAA Trade Limited


WEBSITE: www.traderscodes.com
COMPANY: Depaho Limited


WEBSITE: www.ti-gi.com

CySEC’s warning

sfc hong kong

SFC warns against HKMT Finance Limited

The Hong Kong regulator has issued a warning against the www.mtfxhk.vip platform, which offers investment brokerage services without the required license.


WEBSITE: www.mtfxhk.vip
COMPANY: HKMT Finance Limited

SFC’s warning

amf ostrzeżenie

3 platforms blacklisted by AMF

The French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) placed the IntertradesFX platform on the list of warnings, against which the British FCA and the Spanish CNMV had previously warned.


WEBSITE: www.intertradesfx.com
COMPANY: Intertrades Fx Limited

Check out the previous FCA warning for this platform.


WEBSITE: www.daily-investment-deals-now.com/bitcoin-trader


WEBSITE: www.bitcointrader.site

AMF’s warning

FCA ostrzeżenie

CCG Trade and Aus Group Limited in FCA’s blacklist

UK Financial Conduct Authority warns against two unlicensed brokers.

CCG Trade / Bitex Trade

WEBSITE: www.bitex.trade / www.ccg.trade

FCA’s warning

Aus Group Limited / Trading as Ausforex

WEBSITE: www.ausforex.asia / www.ausforex.com
COMPANY: Aus Group Limited

FCA’s warning



FINMA warns against JSM Markets

The Swiss Financial Supervisory Authority warns against investing savings on the www.jsm-markets.com platform. The broker does not have a license to offer investment products, therefore investors’ funds are not safe there. 

JSM Markets

WEBSITE: www.jsm-markets.com

FINMA’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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