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Warnings (24.08): MaxiPlus, klon Dukascopy, Finiko…

FCA ostrzeżenie

FCA warns against 2 dishonest brokers

The British regulator of the financial market FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) placed the platforms “MaxiPlus” and “London Escrow” on the list of warnings. The warning published by FCA shows that the maxiplus.cc platform, also using the maxiplus.trade domain uses another company’s data, thus impersonating an authorized entity, to authenticate itself in the eyes of a potential investor.

The company that oversees the platform’s functioning, which the broker indicates on its website, is the well-known Seabreeze Partners Ltd, responsible for similar scams, against which there have been many warnings from European regulators. The platforms for which this company is responsible are ProfitAssist and InvestFlow.

The London Escrow, against which the FCA also issued a warning, is a platform targeting people aggrieved by dishonest brokers.FCA declares that the platform is not authorized to offer such services. Companies offering assistance in recovering funds transferred to unauthorized brokerage platforms most often require an advance payment to them, which would be the basis for starting the process. However, it often turns out that these companies do not take any action and the funds transferred to them are lost forever.

Dishonest brokers operate outside the law on an international scale, so there is no effective way to guarantee the recovery of the money transferred to them. It is certainly not impossible, but you should be extremely vigilant when choosing a company that we will grant a power of attorney in this regard.

FCA warns against:


WEBSITE: www.maxiplus.cc / www.maxiplus.trade
COMPANY: Seabreeze Partners Limited

The above-listed entity is impersonating a genuine entity having a similar name. 

Company’s data that the “MaxiPlus” broker uses:

Company’s name: MAXIS GBN
Reference number: 738387

Check out the previous FMA’s warning for this platform.

FCA’s warning

London Escrow

WEBSITE: www.london-escrow.com

FCA’s warning


FINMA issued warning against “Group 500”

The “Group 500” broker appeared for the second time this month on the warning lists of European regulators.Earlier, a warning against this entity was issued by the British FCA.

The dishonest broker Group 500 on its website provides information that SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd. was to supervise the platform’s functioning. However, this information may be untrue, and The “Group 500” broker may illegally use SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd.’s data in this situation.

FINMA warns against:

Group 500

WEBSITE: www.group-500.com

Check out the previous FCA’s warning for this platform.

FINMA’s warning

forexrev ostrzega

Watch out for Dukascopy clones

On Monday, Swiss financial services provider Dukascopy Bank SA published a warning against platforms that illegally use the company’s data and impersonate the authentic Dukascopy broker. The platforms by which fraudsters try to extort funds from investors are www.dukascopys.com and wap.dukasap.com.

ForexRev warns against:

“Dukascopy” clones

WEBSITES: www.dukascopys.com / wap.dukasap.com

Dukascopy’s press release

FSMA ostrzeżenia

FSMA warns against Finiko

The www.thefiniko.com platform, against which the FSMA has issued a warning, offers trading with CFDs, forex and cryptocurrencies. Trading is based on an automated algorithmic trading process. The Belgian FSMA regulator declares that this platform is not authorized to offer investment brokerage services, thus the services it provides are not legal. Depositing funds on this platform may result in their loss.

The FSMA found that such trading software occurs via a pyramid structure, the so-called MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) program, in which customers are encouraged to recruit new members, in return, receive a fee in the form of a commission or a discount on the price of the software package.

FSMA warns against:


WEBSITE: www.thefiniko.com

FSMA’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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