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Warnings (4.08): Maxiplus, CMFX Trading, 4X Trade…

FCA ostrzeżenie

FCA warns against three brokers

3 investment platforms appeared on the FCA’s list of warnings, offering to trade in Forex/CFDs and cryptocurrencies. Entities indicated by the regulator are not licensed to offer investment services. In addition, FCA indicates that one of them – Coin-Wallet – imitates a properly registered EMD Agent company.

FCA warns against:

Triton Capital Markets

WEBSITE: www.tcapitaltrading.com
ADDRESS: First Floor, First Street, Vincent Bank Ltd Building, Kingstown, ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES

Check out the previous FSMA’s warning about this platform.

FCA’s warning

CMFX Trading

WEBSITE: www.cmfxtrading.com
EMAIL: [email protected]
ADDRESS: 24 Potterrow, Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM, EH9 3BL

FCA’s warning

Coin-Wallet (clone of EMD Agent)

WEBSITE: www.coin-wallet.co.uk

According to the FCA, the rogue investment platform uses the data of another, properly registered company:

Data of a legal company operating in Great Britain: EMD Agent

Company’s name: Electronic Wallet Limited
Reference number: 902002

FCA’s warrning


FINMA warns against Bitcoinwelt

The Swiss financial services regulator has issued a warning against Bitcoinwelt, which is one of the unregulated Forex / CFD brokers. The entity is not subject to any regulations and is highly likely to be a scam.


WEBSITE: www.bitcoinwelt.co

FINMA’s warning

Austriackie FMA ostrzega

Maxiplus on the Austrian FMA’s list of warnings

The Austrian financial regulator warns against the Maxiplus broker, owned by Seabreeze Partners Ltd. The platform is not regulated and there are many indications that it is investment fraud.

Seabreeze Partners Ltd. is responsible for similar platforms aimed at extorting funds from unaware investors. The company offers its services under the names MaxiPlus, ProfitAssist and InvestFlow.


WEBSITE: www.maxiplus.trade
COMPANY: Seabreeze Partners Limited

FMA’s warning

MFSA Malta ostrzeżenie

Admiral Capital Trade in MFSA’s warning list

The Maltese financial regulator MFSA has issued a warning against an unregulated Forex/CFD broker using the name Admiral Capital Trade. The entity operating through the admiralcapitaltrade.com website is not licensed in the EU and may pose a threat to investors.

Admiral Capital Trade

WEBSITE: www.admiralcapitaltrade.com

MFSA’s warning

cnmv14 entities blacklisted by CNMV

The Spanish regulator of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) has made another update of its list of warnings. There were placed 14 entities related to financial markets and investments. Most of the sites identified by the supervisor are owned by unregulated Forex/CFD brokers.

CNMV warns against:


WEBSITE: www.encoretrade.ltd
COMPANY: Encoretrade Limited


WEBSITE: www.directrader.com

Cardinal Holdings

WEBSITE: www.cardinalholdingsltd.com
COMPANY: Cardinal Holdings Limited

Check out the previous MFSA’s warning about this platform.


The company contacts customers by telephone.

Fad Investment

WEBSITE: www,fadinvestment.com
COMPANY: FAD Investment Limited


WEBSITE: www.insuredplusltd.com

Kelburn Investment

WEBSITE: kelburninvestment.com

SunGate Investment

WEBSITE: www,sungateinvestment.com
COMPANY: Sungate Investment AG, LLC.

VT Markets

WEBSITE: www.vtmarkets.com
COMPANY: Vantage Global Prime LLP


WEBSITE: www.blumanstock.com
COMPANY: Blumanstock Limited


WEBSITE: www.chamberfx.com

Check out the previous CONSOB’s warning about this platform.


WEBSITE: www.eurextrade.xyz/#/

IX Inversors

WEBSITE: www.ixinversors.net

Check out the previous CNMV’s warning about this platform.

Gestión y Asesoramiento

WEBSITE: gestionyasesoramiento.es

CNMV’s warning list

consob (włoski nadzorca rynku usług finansowych)) ostrzeżenie przeciwko nieautoryzowanym podmiotomCONSOB blocks the pages of 10 entities in Italy

Italian regulator – CONSOB blocked access to the websites of 10 unlicensed intermediaries in the financial services market. These are illegal Forex brokers that can endanger investors. Their pages, not available in Italy, may still be visible in other countries.

CONSOB warns against:

4X Trade

STRONA: www.4x-trade.com
COMPANY: Evergo Limited


STRONA: trades-action.com; accounts.trades-action.com
COMPANY: Trade Action Limited


WEBSITE: www.nabinv.com
COMPANY: Nab Europe Limited


WEBSITE: fx24.live
COMPANY: FX24 Investment Limited


WEBSITE: www.primaatrade.com
COMPANY: Prim Global Reach Limited / PrimeATrade Limited / FX Publications Inc


WEBSITE: www1.fantex.co / www.fantex.co

Check out the previous CNMV’s warning about this platform.


WEBSITE: www.cfxdtrade.com
COMPANY: Cfxdtrade Limited; Handelfx

Check out the previous CNMV’s warning about this platform.

Aca-Asset Ltd

WEBSITE: www.2amltd.com
COMPANY: Aca-Asset Limited

Neo Omatic

WEBSITE: www.neoomatic.co
COMPANY: Mellifluous Group Limited

Wirexinvest Invest

WEBSITE: www.wirexinvest.com
COMPANY: Wirexinvest Invest Limited; Wirex UAB

CONSOB’s press release

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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