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Warnings (7.06): Ocean Trade Club, MarginElite, PrimeXBT…

  • LPL Capital – www.lplcapital.eu
  • Ocean Trade Club – www.oceantrade.club / www.oceantrade.org
  • CAPITALS – www.capitals.co.in
  • EuropeTrading – www.europetrading.org
  • 2SP-Conseil – www.2sp-conseil.com
  • PrimeXBT – www.primexbt.com
  • NewCFDs – www.newcfds.com
  • CTXholdings – www.ctxholdings.com
  • MarginElite – www.marginelite.com
  • Tradeview Forex – www.radeviewforex.com
  • SUMMA PIPS – www.summapips.com
  • RONGHAN INVEST – www.ronghaninvest.com
  • OCTIGON – www.octigon.net
  • FANTEX – www1.fantex.co / webtrader.fantex.co / my.fantex.co
  • Evolution Marketsltd / EVOM-LTD – www.evom-ltd.com
  • AvivaARB – www.aviva-arb.com
  • Pips500 – www.pips500.com
  • TradesAction – www.tradesaction.com
  • LiborTrading – www.libortrading.com
  • Orobanc – www.orobanc.com


LPL Capital blacklisted by FINMA

The Swiss Financial Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has placed the LPL Capital broker on its list of warnings, offering investment services without the required license. LPLCapital does not provide information about the company that supervises the functioning of the platform, thus the potential investor cannot verify whether the broker operates in accordance with the law and has a license to offer financial services.

FINMA warns against:

LPL Capital

WEBSITE: www.lplcapital.eu

FINMA’s warning

FCA ostrzeżenie

2 warnings from FCA

FCA has issued warnings against 2 brokers offering services without a required license. The capitals.co.in platform is a broker pretending to be Capital Com SV Investments Limited, a company properly registered on the financial market.

Ocean Trade Club

WEBSITE: www.oceantrade.club / www.oceantrade.org
COMPANY: Get Promotions Limited

FCA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.capitals.co.in

The broker pretends to be another, properly registered company in order to gain the trust of a potential client.

Company data used by Capitals:

Company: Capital Com SV Investments Limited
Company’s reference number: 778391
Proprietary platform: www.capital.com

FCA’s warning

bafin ostrzeżenie

BaFin warns against europetrading.org

The German Federal Financial Services Authority (BaFin) has issued a warning to Toroflex Ltd, which offers financial services via the europetrading.org platform.. The company is not authorized to provide investment services, which makes the broker run illegal activities. Investing in this platform may result in funds deposited on it.

Toroflex Ltd previously carried out its fraudulent activities through the digi-coins.net platform, against which the Cyprus CySec issued a warning. The digi-coins.net website address is no longer available.

Check out the previous CySec’s warning about this company.

BaFin wars against:

Europe Trading

WEBSITE: www.europetrading.org
COMPANY: Toroflex Limited

BaFin’s warning

amf ostrzeżenie

AMF warns against 6 brokers

The PrimeXBT broker, which has been providing investment services for many years, appeared on the list of warnings of the French regulator AMF. If this platform appears in the warning list, it may be because you do not have a local license.

A dishonest MarginElite broker is a popular SCAM that we warned our readers about in November 2020. Warnings were also issued by the FCA and KNF regulators. If you have encountered this scam, please share a comment on his profile, it will help other people, encouraged by the broker’s colorful promises, to avoid losing their funds. As of today, the marginelite.com platform is not available.

AMF warns against:

2 SP Conseil

WEBSITE: www.2sp-conseil.com


WEBSITE: www.primexbt.com
COMPANY: PrimeXBT Trading Services LLC

Check the broker profile and comments added by users. Share your opinion


WEBSITE: www.newcfds.com
COMPANY: PRO – S.M Limited

CTX Holdings

WEBSITE: www.ctxholdings.com
COMPANY: Golden Dawn


WEBSITE: www.marginelite.com

Check the previous KNF’s warning for this platform

Tradeview Forex

WEBSITE: www.tradeviewforex.com
COMPANY: Tradeview Limited

AMF’s warning list


6 platforms in CNMV’s blacklist

CNMV warns against depositing funds on the fantex.co platform. The broker provides illegal financial intermediation services without a permit. The company that oversees the operation of the platform, Felicity Group Limited, is responsible for a similar Luxinvestment scam – luxinvestment.co, against which a warning was previously issued by CNMV.

Evolution Marketsltd is the next installment of SCAMU EvolutionMarkets, previously available at evolutionmarketsltd.com and marketseco.com. Warnings against Evolution Markets Ltd had previously been issued by CONSOB and FCA.

CNMV warns against:


WEBSITE: www.summapips.com
COMPANY: DMF Markets Limited


WEBSITE: www.ronghaninvest.com
COMPANY: RonghanInvest Limited


WEBSITE: www.octigon.net


WEBSITE: www1.fantex.co / webtrader.fantex.co / my.fantex.co
COMPANY: Felicity Group Limited

Check the previous warning about this company issued by the CNMV

Evolution Marketsltd / EVOM-LTD

WEBSITE: www.evom-ltd.com
COMPANY: Evolution Markets Limited / EVOM-LTD / EVOM-LTD GROUP

Check the previous warning about this company issued by the CONSOB

Aviva ARB

WEBSITE: www.aviva-arb.com

CNMV’s warning list

consob (włoski nadzorca rynku usług finansowych)) ostrzeżenie przeciwko nieautoryzowanym podmiotom

CONSOB blocks 5 dishonest brokers in Italy

CONSOB advises against investing funds on the libortrading.com platform. The company, LiborTC Ltd, responsible for this scam previously offered its services on the libortc.com platform. A warning against this entity was also issued by CONSOB.

An equally efficiently regenerating company is Astrica Ltd, which changed its domain address four times during the year. The CONSOB and CNMV regulators warned against this entity.

CONSOB warns against:


WEBSITE: www.pips500.com
COMPANY: Preqster Limited


WEBSITE: www.tradesaction.com
COMPANY: Trade Action Limited / TradeSaction Limited


WEBSITE: www.libortrading.com
COMPANY: Libortrading Limited / LiborTC Limited

Check out CONSOB’s previous warning for this platform

Vip Forex Pro

WEBSITE: www.vipforexpro.com
COMPANY: Astrica Limited

Check out CNMV’s previous warning for this platform


WEBSITE: www.orobanc.com
COMPANY: Equal Target Limited

CONSOB’s warning list

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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