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Warnings (7.04): MarketBull, Adamant FX, Global CFD…

The list of warnings includes:

  • MarketBull – www.marketbull.co.uk
  • UI Group – www.u-i-group.com
  • Pacific Union Prime (PU Prime) – www.puprime.com
  • EX Finances – www.exfinances.com
  • BTC Swing – www.btcswing.com
  • BitCoin Champion – www.bitcoin-champion.com
  • Nab Europe – www.nabeuropeltd.com
  • Bid Broker Stocks  – www.bid-broker-stocks.io / www.bid-broker-stocks.cc
  • Global CFD – www.globalfxcfd.com
  • Traders Home – www.tradershome.trade [ TradersHome Ltd ]
  • Primery Swiss Group – www.primeryswissgroup.com
  • SPMarket24 – www.spmarket24.com
  • Adamant FX – www.adamantfx.io
  • T-Revenue – www.t-revenue.uk / www.itr-gr.com

oszukany przez SCAM - co zrobić

Watch out on MarketBull.co.uk

Be warned against the dishonest MarketBull broker. The platform uses images of famous people to encourage potential investors to make a deposit and uses advanced manipulative methods to extort further amounts. The broker also offers the so-called “starter package”, which, in addition to enabling trading on the Forex/CFD market, is aimed at introducing beginner investors to investing in exchanges.

>> Read the story of an investor aggrieved by this broker and find out how they do it <<

amf ostrzeżenie

The French regulator warns against 5 brokers

5 entities, providing services without the required licenses, appeared on the list of the French AMF. Among the above-mentioned platforms, platforms that had previously been warned against by other European regulators appeared.

AMF warns against:

UI Group

WEBSITE: www.u-i-group.com

see the previous warning for this platform, published by CNMV and CySEC.

Pacific Union Prime (PUPrime)

WEBSITE: www.puprime.com

see the previous warning for this platform, published by CNMV

EX Finances

WEBSITE: www.exfinances.com

see the previous warning for this platform, published by CNMV

BTC Swing

WEBSITE: www.btcswing.com

see the previous warning for this platform, published by CNMV

BitCoin Champion

WEBSITE: www.bitcoin-champion.com

see the previous warning for this platform, published by CNMV

AMF’s warning

consob (włoski nadzorca rynku usług finansowych)) ostrzeżenie przeciwko nieautoryzowanym podmiotom

5 platforms on CONSOB’s blacklist

The Italian Financial Supervision Authority ordered the blackout of another 6 platforms in its country due to the violation of the provisions of the current law on trading in financial instruments. In total, since July 2019, CONSOB has blocked 416 broker websites suspected of trying to extort money from investors and illegal offering investment services without a license.

CONSOB blacklisted:

Nab Europe

WEBSITE: www.nabeuropeltd.com
COMPANY: Nab Europe Ltd

Bid Broker Stocks

WEBSITE www.bid-broker-stocks.io / www.bid-broker-stocks.cc
COMPANY: Dannybrook Consulting LTD

see the previous warning for this platform, published by CNMV

Global CFD

WEBSITE: www.globalfxcfd.com
COMPANY: Globalcfd LTD / D&D Venture Project LTD]

GlobalCFD appears for the second time on the CONSOB alert list, previously operating at Globalcfd.co. See the previous warning against this platform.


WEBSITE: www.tradershome.trade
COMPANY: TradersHome Ltd

Primery Swiss Group

WEBSITE: www.primeryswissgroup.com

CONSOB’s press release

FCA ostrzeżenie3 new alerts from FCA

The British Financial Supervision Authority included in its list of warnings, i.a. the SPMarket24 platform, which, according to the information contained in the official warning, uses the data of another, properly registered company in order to gain the trust of a potential investor. 

FCA warns against:


WEBSITE: www.spmarket24.com

Real company data that are used by SPMarket24

COMPANY: Safecap Investments Limited
REFERENCE No: 507880
ADDRESS: Address: 148, Strovolos Avenue, 4th Floor, Strovolos, 2048 Nicosia, Cyprus

see the previous warning for this platform, published by CNMV

FCA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.adamantfx.io
COMPANY: Widdershins Group Ltd

the company that supervises the AdamantFX platform is also responsible for similar frauds, incl. 24fintime.io; finlay.io and finlay.capital, against which also warnings have been issued.

FCA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.t-revenue.uk; www.itr-gr.com
COMPANY: International Trading Revenue

FCA’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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