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Warnings (20.07): AssetGroup, Investor500, TiMarkets…


Ainainvestment.com in CSSF’s warning list

The Luxembourg CSSF regulator warns against a dishonest broker that offers investment intermediation services without the required permit and uses the data of AINA INVESTMENT FUND and AINA INVESTMENT FUND GP licensed by CSSF.

CSSF emphasizes that AINA INVESTMENT FUND and AINA INVESTMENT FUND GP are not associated with the Ainainvestment.com website.

CSSF warns against:


WEBSITE: www.ainainvestment.com

CSSF’s warning

bafin ostrzeżenie

BaFin warns against Bybit

Based on the content of the company’s website bybit.com, there are indications that Bybit Fintech Limited conducts investment activities and provides financial services in Germany without the required permit. The company uses a network of German influencers/YouTubers to advertise its trading platform.

BaFin warns against:


WEBSITE: www.bybit.com
COMPANY: Bybit Fintech Limited

BaFin’s warning


16 warnings issued by CNMV

The Spanish CNMV regulator has published 16 entities offering investment services without the required permit. Among the published alerts appeared the OFXB platform, owned by Donnybrook Consulting Ltd, which has appeared on alert lists seven times.

Donnybrook Consulting Limited is responsible for scams: OptiMarkets, Euro Fx, Energy-markets, and OFXB.

CNMV warns against:

Brooks Invest

WEBSITE: www.brooksinvest.ltd
COMPANY: Brooks Invest Limited


WEBSITE: www.bullstreetfx.com


WEBSITE: www.empirecryptfx.com


WEBSITE: www.emprendedoresvip.com

First Notch Trading

WEBSITE: www.firstnotchtrading.com


WEBSITE: www.fxexpertrade.com

FX Capitalize

WEBSITE: www. fxcapitalize.com
COMPANY: Lacari Group Limited / Fx-Capitalize Limited

ING Capital

WEBSITE: www.ing.capital
COMPANY: ING Capital Group Inc.


WEBSITE: www.investorexpro.com


WEBSITE: www.ofxb.io
COMPANY: Donnybrook Consulting Ltd

Check out the previous warning posted by CONSOB for this platform.


WEBSITE: www.prime-option.net

Profited Trade Signals

WEBSITE: www.profitedtradesignals.com


WEBSITE: www.timarkets.com
COMPANY: Beradora Limited

Check out the previous warning posted by BaFin for this platform.

Vanki Trading

WEBSITE: www.vankitrd.com

Sigma Invest

WEBSITE: www.invest-sigma.biz
Whitebird Limited / CAS capitals Limited

United Kingdom Investments

WEBSITE: www.ukinvest.trade

CNMV’s warning list

FCA ostrzeżenie

“Tesler” blacklisted by FCA

The tesler.today platform appeared on the list of warnings by the British regulator (FCA), a rogue broker uses the data of another company, properly registered and licensed by the FCA. Fraudsters often pretend to be licensed companies to gain the trust of a potential investor.

The data of Fortrade Ltd, which is used by “Tesler”, has already been used by fraudsters 3 times.

FCA warns against:


WEBSITE: www.tesler.today

Company’s data that “Tesler” uses:

Company’s name: Fortrade Limited
Reference number: 609970
Proprietary domain: www.fortrade.com

FCA’s warning

oszukany przez SCAM - co zrobić

ForexRev warns against investor500.com and assetgroup.io

The victim of the dishonest broker AssetGroup.io informs that malicious software has been installed on his mobile phone to intercept sensitive data and passwords to essential accounts in Internet portals (e-mail and bank login details). The scammers used the customer’s data to take out a bank loan and removed any savings available on the bank account. The characteristic feature, which the aggrieved party pointed out, was the eastern accent of the consultants with whom he interviewed before starting cooperation.

AssetGroup.io is a platform supervised by a company well known among similar scams: Widdershins Group Ltd. The company has repeatedly changed the address of the website through which it extorts funds from unaware investors. Our list of alerts has so far included 7 platforms belonging to this company, which have been placed on the alert lists of European regulators.

He was injured by the investor500.com platform, wanting to withdraw his funds from the platform after a few weeks of cooperation, he informs that he has received harsh comments from the consultant. After submitting the request for the withdrawal of funds, contact with the platform is impossible. The aggrieved person informs that it is impossible to contact the dishonest broker by phone and does not answer the e-mail. According to the victim’s account, the consultants were particularly interested in providing them with access data to internet accounts and the bank.

The above platforms are not licensed to offer investment services. Therefore their activities are not in accordance with the law. You can find many unfavorable opinions about them on the web.

ForexRev warns against:


WEBSITE: assetgroup.io
COMPANY: Widdershins Group Limited

Check out the previous warning about this company posted by CNMV.


WEBSITE: www.investor500.com

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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