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Warnings: Finlay Capital, Fx Point, 24Trading…

consob (włoski nadzorca rynku usług finansowych)) ostrzeżenie przeciwko nieautoryzowanym podmiotom

CONSOB warns against 7 unregulated brokers

The Level5x platform has appeared on the CONSOB alert list. The operation of the website is the responsibility of Vigo and Co LLC, which was previously blacklisted by the Italian regulator, previously the company operated the onirofx.com platform, which also did not have a license to offer investment intermediation services. The previous warning about this company appeared in October this year, it can be concluded that after the access to the site in Italy was blocked by CONSOB, the broker changed the domain address to continue its fraudulent practices.

The Italian Financial Supervision Authority also mentioned the Platinex.cc platform amongst dishonest brokers. CONSOB is the only financial market regulator that blocks access to a website in its country after detecting irregularities. Platinex.cc is another version of the broker’s website, previously operated at Platinex.co, after the website was blocked by CONSOB, the URL was changed to Platinex.cc.

As of July 2019, CONSOB blocked 600 unauthorized websites that offered investment products without a license.

CONSOB warns against:


WEBSITE: www.level5x.com
COMPANY: Vigo and Co LLC

Check out the previous warning posted by CONSOB about this company.


WEBSITE: www.platinex.cc
COMPANY: Lithe Group Limited

Check out the 3 previous warnings about this platform from CONSOB, FMA and CNMV.


WEBSITE: www.acetopfin.com
COMPANY: FX Publications INC / Acetopfinancial Limited / Vita Impex Limited

Check out the previous warning about this platform posted by CNMV.

Sealtd / Sea Limited

WEBSITE: www.sealtd.co
COMPANY: S.E trend Limited

Sprawdź poprzednie ostrzeżenie dotyczące tej platformy, opublikowane przez CONSOB.


WEBSITE: www.emiratesfx24.com
COMPANY: Axis Solutions Limited

Check out the 4 previous warnings about this company from CONSOB, CNMV and BaFin.

Check out the previous emiratesfx24.com warning posted by CNMV.

WBI Invest

WEBSITE: www.wbiinvest.com

Global Investous

WEBSITE: www.global-investous.eu (earlier: globalinvestous.eu)
COMPANY: Llajes Services Sp.Zo.o

Check out the previous warning posted by CONSOB for this platform.

CONSOB’s press release


CNMV warns of 6 fake-brokers

CNMV warns againt:


WEBSITE: www.swissgoldfx.io


WEBSITE: www.euroxn.com

DCM Group

WEBSITE: www.dcmgroup.io


WEBSITE: www.alpari.com
COMPANNY: Alpari Limited

Actuary Forex

WEBSITE: www.actuaryf.com
COMPANY: Actuary Forex Global Limited


WEBSITE: www.minexcorp.com / www.lobbynetgold.com

CNMV’s warning list

FCA ostrzeżenie

9 entities blacklisted by FCA

FCA warns against:


WEBSITE: www.elitecryptofx.com

FCA’s warning

Wall Coin Group

WEBSITE: www.wallcoingroup.net

FCA’s warning

Crypto Fx Trade Max

WEBSITE: www.cryptofxtrademax.com

FCA’s warning

Legat Crypto Fx Trading

WEBSITE: www.legalcryptofxtrading.com

FCA’s warning

FxBits Markets

WEBSITE: www.fxbitsmarkets.com

FCA’s warning

Crypto Investigain

WEBSITE: www.cryptoinvestgain.com

FCA’s warning

Invest Crypto Experts

WEBSITE: www.investcryptoexperts.com

FCA’s warning

VergeFX Markets

WEBSITE: www.vergefxmarkets.com
COMPANY: VergeFX Markets Limited

FCA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.autolivefxmarket.com

FCA’s warning

forexrev ostrzega

Beware of rvforex.co

Be warned against a dishonest RV Forex broker. The website lacks basic information about the company operating with finances, and the same investors’ funds, which raises the first suspicions. The website itself is very primitive. Contact with the platform’s employees takes place via the WhatsApp messenger, popular among similar scams.

The required deposit to set up a trading account is 1000 USD. The injured party who shared his story with us informed us that the funds he had deposited, although they are visible on the platform of a dishonest broker, are not recoverable, because employees force the investor to pay an amount of USD 6,000, which would unlock the possibility of withdrawal money.

The deposit is made via the legal Binance platform, as with other scams of this type, the purchased funds are transferred to the Binance platform, then transferred to the fraudsters’ wallets. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the cryptocurrencies have been purchased legally on a registered platform, the chargeback procedure will be ineffective in this case.

The internet platform to which the investor decides to deposit his savings should be thoroughly verified beforehand, contact with the hotline should take place via the chat available on the broker’s website, by e-mail or by phone. The broker should provide clients with detailed information about the company that supervises the functioning of the platform and the license allowing for the offering of investment intermediation services, without such a permit issued by the relevant authority, brokerage services are illegal and investors’ money is at risk and is not protected by the law currently in force in the European Union.

ForexRev warns against:

RV Forex

WEBSITE: www.rvforex.co

knf ostrzeżenia

Update of the KNF’s warning list – 9 new warnings

The Polish National Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) has published 9 warnings featuring investment platforms offering investment intermediation services without a license.

Among the published warnings, there are scams that carry out intensive marketing activities in our country. Recently, many people who have been injured by these platforms have come to our editorial office.

The blacklisted included platforms such as Fino Markets, Astra Horizon, IGM Holdings, Galaxy Trade, Finlay, Asset Group, Horizon Group Consulting, as well as several others that operated on a smaller scale but their profile was the same as the above-mentioned .

KNF warns against:

Horizon Group Consulting

WEBSITE: www.horizongroupconsulting.com
COMPANY: Horizon Group Limited

Check out the previous warning about this platform posted by ForexRev.

Asset Group

WEBSITE: www.assetgroup.io / www.assetgroup.cc
COMPANY: Widdershins Group Limited

Check out the 3 previous warnings about this platform from CONSOB, CNMV and ForexRev.

The AssetGroup platform is the responsibility of Widdershins Group LTD, which has so far appeared on the warning lists 12 times. Check all warnings about Widdershins Group LTD.

Finlay Capital

WEBSITE: www.finlay.io / www.finlay.capital / www.finlay.cc
COMPANY: Widdershins Group Limited

Behind the Finlay Capital platform, as in the case of AssetGroup mentioned above, is Widdershins Group Limited. You can find all warnings about this company from regulators around the world on our list of warnings.

Check the previous 4 warnings about the FinlayCapital broker.

Galaxy Trade

WEBSITE: www.galaxytrade.cc / www.galaxytrade.co / koleds.capitalmowertor.site

Check out the previous warning about this platform posted by ForexRev.

IGM Holdings

WEBSITE: www.igmholdings.com

Check out the previous warning about this platform posted by ForexRev.

Platforma IGM Holdings pojawiła się do tej pory 5-krotnie na listach ostrzeżeń.The IGM Holdings platform has appeared 5 times on the alert lists so far. Check all the warnings about this scam.

Cento GX

WEBSITE: www.centogx.com

Check out the previous warning about this platform posted by CNMV.

Fx Point

WEBSITE: www.fxpoint.co
COMPANY: Grey Matter Enterprise Limited

Check out the previous warning about this platform posted by CNMV.

Gray Matter Enterprise LTD is the company that is responsible for this scam. At the same time, the company created several other scams with a similar method of extorting money: Solid Invest and 24Trading. The Solid Invest platform has been included in the alert lists 7 times.

Check out 9 previous warnings about Gray Matter Enterprise LTD.


WEBSITE: www.24trading.co
COMPANY: Grey Matter Enterprise Limited

Check out the previous AMF warning about this platform.

BTC Capital Group

WEBSITE: www.btccapitalgroup.com

KNF’s warning list

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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