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Warnings (26.04): IGM Holdings, Interactive-Trading, NewTradersHoldings-Fx…

Today’s list of warnings included

  • NarsqFuturesLimited – www.narsq.com
  • FinoCapital – www.finocapital.io
  • InteractiveTrading – www.interactive-trading.com
  • EconexFinance – www.econexfinance.com
  • ItalianoInvest – www.italianoinvest.net
  • CapitalFx – www.capitalfx.co
  • Goldman Banc – www.goldmanbanc.com
  • IC Trades / Pro Star – www.ictrades.com
  • NewTradersHoldings – www.newtradersholdings-fx.com
  • TrustPac – www.trustpac.io
  • AroxCapital – www.aroxcapital.com
  • Trader X – www.traderx.online
  • Profit Assist – www.profitassist.io
  • IGM Holdings – www.igmholdings.com

sfc hong kong

Narsq Futures Limited in SFC’s blacklist

SFC warns against investing funds on the www.narsq.com platform. The reason for including the broker on the list of warnings is that he does not have a license to provide investment services. Many people have reported irregularities related to the course of cooperation and funds disbursement. 

Narsq Futures Limited

WEBSITE: www.narsq.com

SFC’s warning

bafin ostrzeżenie

BaFin warns against Fino Capital and InteractiveTrading

The German Financial Supervision Authority (BaFin) warns against the platform finocapital.io, which previously appeared on the warning lists of 4 European regulators. The company is not licensed to provide financial services. 

Interactive-trading.com also appeared on the BaFin blacklist, which previously placed the British FCA on its list of warnings. After the warning publication, the broker changed the company’s name that supervises the platform’s functioning.

Fino Capital

WEBSITE: www.finocapital.io
COMPANY: Lollygag Partners LTD

see the last notice against this platform

BaFin’s warning

Interactive Trading

WEBSITE: www.interactive-trading.com
COMPANY: Innovative Software Solutions LLC

see the last notice against this platform

BaFin’s warning


EconexFinance in FINMA’s blacklist

The broker on the website provides false information that the company would supervise the platform: Econex Finance AG. The EconexFinance.com platform is not related to Econex Finance AG, which is registered in the Swiss commercial register but only impersonates it to gain a potential investor’s trust.


WEBSITE: www.econexfinance.com

FINMA’s warning

consob (włoski nadzorca rynku usług finansowych)) ostrzeżenie przeciwko nieautoryzowanym podmiotom

CONSOB warns against 5 brokers

NewTradersHolding, a broker that has been repeatedly placed on the warning lists of European regulators, is again offering its services at a changed website address: www.newtradersholdings-fx.com. CONSOB blacklisted NewTraders Holdings Ltd for the second time. Earlier, a warning against this entity was issued by the British FCA

Italiano Invest

WEBSITE: www.italianoinvest.net

see the last notice against this platform

Capital FX

WEBSITE: www.capitalfx.co

see the last notice against this platform

Goldman Banc

WEBSITE: www.goldmanbanc.com
COMPANY: Ozava Partners Limited

IC-Trades / ProStar

WEBSITE: www.ictrades.com
COMPANY: Pro Star Griffith Corporate

New Traders Holdings

WEBSITE: www.newtradersholdings-fx.com
COMPANY: NewTraders Holdings Limited

see the last notice against this platform

CONSOB’s press release

FCA ostrzeżenie

5 warnings from FCA

British FCA placed on its warning list:


WEBSITE: www.trustpac.io

FCA’s warning

WEBSITE: www.aroxcapital.com
COMPANY: AroxCapital Ltd

FCA’s warning

Trader X

WEBSITE: www.traderx.online

FCA’s warning

Profit Assist

WEBSITE: www.profitassist.io

see the last notice against this platform

The dishonest broker “Profit Assist” uses another authorized company’s data to gain the trust of a potential investor.

company data used by Profit Assist:

COMPANY: Profit with Principle Limited
REFERENCE No: 212778
EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: (44) 01772733338

FCA’s warning

forexrev ostrzega

We are warning against IGM Holdings

We warn against a dishonest broker providing his services on the website www.igmholdings.com. The domain was registered in early 2021. The broker does not give information on the license held and does not provide the company’s name that supervises the platform’s financial operations.

According to the victim’s account, consultants who contacted the investor promised a sure profit, guaranteed “investment advice” and attractive bonuses. When the client is trying to withdraw his funds, the broker demands payment of a fake tax.


Author: Izabela Kamionka

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