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Warnings (2.06): SkyLineProfits, Finexics, CFBroker…

  • SkyLineProfits – www.skylineprofits.co.uk
  • RCR INV. 89-90 – www.rcrinv8990.com
  • KEYFUNDERS – www.keyfunders.io
  • Finexics – www.finexics.io / www.finexics.com
  • ElevenTrading – www.eleven-trading.com
  • Cheonan International – www.cheonan.uk
  • CFBroker – www.cfbroker.io
  • Bureau Limited – www.bureaulimited.ltd
  • B4UGLOBAL – www.b4uglobal.com
  • Rely Group – www.relygpchinese.com
  • Centurion Invest – www.centurioninvest.com
  • CryptoMatex – www.cryptomatex.com
  • SwissGlobalCapitals – www.swissglobalcapitals.com
  • BexStock – www.bexstock.com


10 entities in CNMV’s warning list

The Spanish Financial Supervisory Authority (CNMV) has issued warnings against 10 dishonest brokers offering Forex/CFD and Cryptocurrency trading. CNMV declares that these entities are not licensed, and therefore the investment services they offer are not legal. Depositing funds on these platforms may risk losing them and compromising the security of personal data, which is in many cases used by fraudsters. They take out loans or credits from banks on the details of the injured person, using the data provided by the investor during the registration process.

Among the entities listed on the CNMV’s list of warnings, there is CFBroker. The platform is supervised by Widdershins Group Ltd, responsible for many similar scams that extort money from investors on a large scale throughout Europe. These include AdamantFx, Finlay Capital, and 24 FinTime

SkyLine Profits

WEBSITE: www.skylineprofits.co.uk
COMPANY: Skyline Limited

CNMV’s warning

RCR INV. 89-90

WEBSITE: rcrinv8990.com

CNMV’s warning


WEBSITE: www.keyfunders.io
COMPANY: Paramaunt Holdings LLC

CNMV’s warning


WEBSITE: www.finexics.io
COMPANY: Slinqo Group Limited

Check the previous CySec’s warning for this platform

CNMV’s warning


WEBSITE: www.finexics.com
COMPANY: Harmonte Group LLC

Check the previous FSMA’s warning for this platform

CNMV’s warning

Eleven Trading

WEBSITE: www.eleven-trading.com

CNMV’s warning

Cheonan International

WEBSITE: www.cheonan.uk
COMPANY: Cheonan International Limited

CNMV’s warning

CF Broker

WEBSITE: www.cfbroker.io
COMPANY: Widdershins Group Limited

Check the previous CSSF’s warning for this platform

ostrzeżenie CNMV

Bureau Limited

WEBSITE: www.bureaulimited.ltd
COMPANY: Bureau Limited

CNMV’s warning


WEBSITE: www.b4uglobal.com

CNMV’s warning

CNMV’s warning list

sfc hong kong

Rely Group blacklisted by SFC

Hong Kong Financial Supervisory Authority SFC warns against investing funds on the relygpchinese.com platform, which is not licensed to provide services. On its website, a rogue broker informs a potential client that it is only possible to contact him via WhatsApp.

SFC declares that the address of the registered office provided on the broker’s website is false.

Rely Group

WEBSITE: www.relygpchinese.com/en/
COMPANY: Wynn Financial Group / Rely Group Company Limited

SFC’s warning


FINMA warns against 3 brokers

The Swiss Financial Supervisory Authority published in its warning list 3 entities are offering investment services without the required permits.

Centurion Invest

WEBSITE: www.centurioninvest.com

FINMA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.cryptomatex.com

FINMA’s warning

Swiss Global Capitals

WEBSITE: www.swissglobalcapitals.com
COMPANY: Swissglobalcapitals FinServices Limited

FINMA’s warning

bafin ostrzeżenie

BaFin warns against bexstock.com

BaFin posted a warning against the dishonest broker BexStock. Platform consultants claim that they work for CMC Markets Deutschland GmbH, which BaFin supervises. However, this information is false. The broker deliberately misleads a potential investor to gain his trust and extort funds.

The bexstock.com platform is a new version of the unauthorized trading platform www.investexp.de, which BaFin ordered to cease operations. Previously, the trading platform appeared under the domain www.beexp.de.


WEBSITE: www.bexstock.com
BS ASIA PTE. Limited

BaFin’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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