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Warnings (6.05): CapitalGroup24, Riva Financial Systems, Profit Assist…

The list of warnings include:

  • Solid Invest – www.solidinvest.co
  • BTCUSDT Investment Limited – www.btcusdtbank.com
  • DECFIN – www.decfin.io
  • CapitalGroup24 – www.capitalgroup24.com
  • TRADOBIT – www.tradobit.com
  • TRADEAR – www.tradear.com
  • TRUST MILLIONS BINARYFX – www.tmbinaryfx.com
  • AdamantFx – www.adamantfx.io
  • 24OnlineTradingCapitals – www.24onlinetradingcapitals.com
  • FXGiants – www.fxgiants.com
  • RoyalTrades – www.royal-trades.com
  • BlissInvestment – www.bliss-investments.com
  • The Provectus Group – www.provectustrading.com
  • TradingCoast – www.trading-coast.com
  • YORKCG – www.yorkcg.com
  • PrimeHoldings – www.primeholdings.co
  • Alfacapital24 – www.alfacapital24.com
  • RivaFinancialSystems – www.rivafinancialsystems.com
  • ProfitAssist – www.profitassist.cc

amf ostrzeżenie

AMF warns against 2 brokers

The French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) issues a warning against investing on the Solid Invest platform. This is the 5th warning issued by the European financial regulator, and earlier warnings were issued by CNMV, BaFin, CySEC, FSMA, and ForexRev against the “Solid Invest” scam.

If you have met this broker or are considering making a deposit, check the broker profile on our website.

Solid Invest

WEBSITE: www.solidinvest.co
COMPANY: Grey Matter Enterprise Ltd / Capital Letter GmbH

Check the previous BaFin’s warning about this platform.

BTCUSDT Investment Limited

WEBSITE: www.btcusdtbank.com
COMPANY: BTCUSDT Investment Capital Limited / BTCUSDT Investment Limited

Check the previous SFC’s warning about this platform.

AMF’s warning list


CNMV blacklisted 10 entities

The dishonest broker CapitalGroup24 has appeared on the CNMV blacklist. Platform oversight company is responsible for a similar “CFG Trades” scam against which CONSOB and CNMV issued warnings. After their publication, the company changed the website’s address where it is still conducting fraudulent activities aimed at extorting money from investors.

The AdamantFx platform also appeared among the published warnings of the Spanish Stock Exchange Commission. The scam company is Widdershins Group Limited, which is responsible for many other large-scale SCAMs operating in the European Union. The company is accountable for frauds: Finlay Capital, CF Broker S.À R.L, 24FinTime.


WEBSITE: www.decfin.io

CNMV’s warning

Capital Group 24

WEBSITE: www.capitalgroup24.com
COMPANY: InterMedia Limited

Check the previous CONSOB’s warning about this platform.

CNMV’s warning


WEBSITE: www.tradobit.com
COMPANY: Unicap Trade Limited

CNMV’s warning


WEBSITE: www.tradear.com
COMPANY: Capitalia Limited

CNMV’s warning


WEBSITE: www.tmbinaryfx.com

CNMV’s warning

Adamant Fx

WEBSITE: www.adamantfx.io
COMPANY: Widdershins Group Limited

Check the previous FCA’s warning about this platform.

CNMV’s warning

24 Online Trading Capitals

WEBSITE: www.24onlinetradingcapitals.com
COMPANY: 24onlinetradingcapitals Limited / BSO Services Limited

CNMV’s warning

FX Giants

WEBSITE: www.fxgiants.com
COMPANY: Notesco Limited
TWITTER: twitter.com/FXGiants1

CNMV’s warning


WEBSITE: www.royal-trades.com

CNMV’s warning


WEBSITE: www.bliss-investments.com

CNMV’s warning

FCA ostrzeżenie

2 warnings from FCA

The FCA warns against dishonest brokers who provide investment services without the required authorization. In addition, in the European Union and the United Kingdom, brokers conduct intensive marketing activities encouraging cooperation.

The Provectus Group

WEBSITE: www.provectustrading.com
INSTAGRAM: @_theprovectusgroup

FCA’s warning

Trading Coast

WEBSITE: www.trading-coast.com

FCA’s warning

bafin ostrzeżenie

BaFin warns against yorkcg.com

The information on the website operated by YORKCG (yorkcg.com) shows that the company conducts banking activities / provides financial services in the Federal Republic of Germany without the required permit.


WEBSITE: www.yorkcg.com

BaFin’s warning

Austriackie FMA ostrzega

2 platforms in FMA’s blacklist

The Austrian Financial Supervision Authority advises against investing in the primeholdings.co and alfacapital24.com platforms. The published statements of the FMA show that these parties are not authorized to offer investment services in Europe. 

FMA’s warning list includes:

Prime Holdings

WEBSITE: www.primeholdings.co

FMA’s warning

Alfa Capital 24

WEBSITE: www.alfacapital24.com
COMPANY: Alfa Capital Markets Limited

FMA’s warning


Riva Financial Systems in the CSSF’s warning list

The Luxembourg Financial Sector Supervision Commission (CSSF) has decided to warn about the dishonest broker Riva Financial Systems. The CSSF is the first regulator to officially include the platform on the list of fraudulent providers of investment services without a permit.

The victim releases that came to our editorial office show that the broker does not pay out funds to investors, conducts intensive marketing activities aimed at unaware people who were not previously interested in investments in the Forex / CFD and Cryptocurrency markets. It guarantees safe investments, easy and reliable profit, and encourages you to make more and more payments to the broker’s account, which would allow you to trade.

Na podstawie zgłoszeń od osób poszkodowanych, opublikowaliśmy w marcu 2021 roku ostrzeżenie przed tą platformą.

Riva Financial Systems

WEBSITE: www.rivafinancialsystems.com
COMPANY: Riva Financial Systems Limited

CSSF’s warning

oszukany przez SCAM - co zrobić

Do not invest with Profit Assist

We warn you against investing on the profitassist.cc platform. According to the reports of the aggrieved parties, payment of funds is impossible. Consultants prevent the withdrawal by requesting further payments that would allow finalizing the transaction. Consultants manipulate the profit generated on the platform to evoke in the investor a feeling of authenticity of the broker’s activity and the conviction that the platform’s operation brings the expected result.

The broker does not provide information on the possession of a license to provide investment services.

Profit Assist

WEBSITE: www.profitassist.cc
COMPANY: Profitassist, Inc.


Author: Izabela Kamionka

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