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Warnings: Capital Crypto Trade, Invest Area, Crypto Portion…


4 entities blacklisted by FINMA

FINMA warns against:

Swiss Crypto Global

WEBSITE: www.swisscrypto.global

FINMA’s warning

Pro Investing 24

WEBSITE: www.provinest.org / www.provinvest24.com

FINMA’s warning

Suisse Vest

WEBSITE: www.suissevest.com

FINMA’s warning

Invest International Investments Funds Management

WEBSITE: www.invest.international

FINMA’s warning

bafin ostrzeżenie

BaFin warns against investing on investarea.com

The German Financial Supervision Authority has placed the “Invest Area” investment platform on its list of warnings. This broker has so far been blacklisted twice by CONSOB and CNMV.

The warning published by BaFin shows that on the website of the dishonest broker, the “Legal” tab leads to a page containing, among others, BaFin logo. If users then click on the BaFin logo, they will be redirected to a fake website imitating the regulator’s website – portal.mvp.bafin.com.de, giving the false impression that Invest Area LTD has been authorized by BaFin. In addition to the BaFin logo, the site features two others for organizations labeled “MFA Markets Financial Authority” and “Swiss SFINS” / “SFINS Financial Securities”, neither of which have a national or international regulatory mandate. The above information provided by scammers gives the impression that Invest Area LTD is regulated in Great Britain and Switzerland.

BaFin warns against:

Invest Area

WEBSITE: www.investarea.com
COMPANY: Invest Area Limited

Check out the 2 previous warnings for Invest Area.

BaFin’s warning

FCA ostrzeżenie

24 entities in the FCA’s warning list

FCA warns against:


WEBSITE: www.supremefxprofit.com

FCA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.swiftcryptolimited.com

FCA’s warning


STRONA: www.superiorcryptotrade.com

FCA’s warning

Super Trade FX

WEBSITE: www.supertradesfx.com

FCA’s warning

MCFX / May Capital Fx

WEBSITE: www.maycapitalfx.com

FCA’s warning

Valartis Crypto

WEBSITE: www.valartiscrypto.com

FCA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.tronxfxtrade.com

FCA’s warning

Fx Trading Mining

WEBSITE: www.fxtradingmining.com

FCA’s warning

Valid Fx Trading

WEBSITE: www.validfxarena.online

FCA’s warning

Exco Trading FX

WEBSITE: www.excotradingfx.com

FCA’s warning

Union Fx Trading Pro

WEBSITE: www.unionfxtradingpro.com

FCA’s warning

Expert Trading FX

WEBSITE: www.expert-tradingfx.com

FCA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.frozenfunds.org

FCA’s warning

Crypto Markets

WEBSITE: www.hcrypto-markets.io

FCA’s warning

ZenGo Fx

WEBSITE: www.zengofxpro.com

FCA’s warning

Crypto Guild

WEBSITE: www.crypto-guild.com

FCA’s warning

Global Crypto Fx

WEBSITE: www.global-crypto-fx.com

FCA’s warning

MUNDOFXT / Mundo Forex Trading

WEBSITE: www.mundofxt.com

FCA’s warning

F.C. Trading / Future Currency Trading

WEBSITE: www.fctrading.pro / www.futurecurrencytrading.pro
COMPANY: F.C. Trading (UK) Limited

FCA’s warning

Crypto Portion

WEBSITE: www.crypto-portion.com

Check out the previous warning about this platform posted by CNMV.

FCA’s warning

Ozon F Corporation

WEBSITE: www.ozonfcorporation.bond

Check out the previous warning about this platform posted by CNMV.

FCA’s warning

Capital Crypto Trade

WEBSITE: www.capitalcryptotrade.com

FCA’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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