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Warnings: FinCloud, CryptoBull, NexFX…

Austriackie FMA ostrzega

“Active Brokerage” and “FinCloud” platforms blacklisted by the FMA

FMA warns against:

Active Brokerage

WEBSITE: www.active-brokerage.com

FMA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.fincloud.capital
COMPANY: Surreptitious Group LLC

Check out the 4 previous warnings about this platform issued by CONSOB, ForexRev and CNMV.

FMA’s warning

bafin ostrzeżenieTradesafecryptofx.com in BaFin’s blacklist

The German Federal Financial Services Authority (BaFin) has issued an alert regarding the “Trade Safe CryptoFX” platform. In many places on the website of the pseudo-broker, there is information that it has a license issued by BaFin authorizing it to offer investment brokerage products. The German regulator denies this information. The broker falsely claims that the company responsible for this platform is “NSFX Limited”, which has an authorisation issued by the Maltese regulator, the domain registered for NSFX LTD, through which it can offer investment products is nsbroker.com. The pseudo-broker “Trade Safe CryptoFX” uses the data of a properly registered and licensed company to build trust in a potential investor.

On tradesafecryptofx.com, the website operator primarily refers to himself by the name “Trade Safe CryptoFX”. However, it also uses the names P24O Limited and Prime24 Option in several locations.

Both P24O LTD and the name “Prime24 Option” appeared several times on the warning lists of European regulators.

P24O LTD – check out the 2 previous MFSAs’ warnings about this company.

Check out the warning about the Prime24 Options pseudo-broker, published by MFSA.

BaFin warns against:

Trade Safe CryptoFX

WEBSITE: www.tradesafecryptofx.com

BaFin’s warning


3 warnings were issued by the FINMA

FINMA warns against:

Bitcoin Convert

WEBSITE: www.bitcoin-convert.com

FINMA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.pricon.ag
COMPANY: Pricon Privat-Consult AG

FINMA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.stockskey.com

FINMA’s warning

consob (włoski nadzorca rynku usług finansowych)) ostrzeżenie przeciwko nieautoryzowanym podmiotom

CONSOB blocks access to 5 websites in Italy

CONSOB warns against:

Fusion Fx

WEBSITE: www.fusionfx24.com

Crypto Pro Expert

WEBSITE: www.cryptoproexpert.com
COMPANY: Cryptopay Limited

Check out the previous Cryptopay LTD warning posted by CONSOB.


WEBSITE: www.newfx.trading (poprzednia domena: newfx.co)
COMPANY: Big Horizons Limited / New Forex Limited / NewFX Limited

Check out the previous warning about this platform from CONSOB and CNMV.


WEBSITE: www.octa-marketd.com

Sierra Invest / Battle Trade

WEBSITE: www.sierrainvest.io / www.battletrade.pro

CONSOB’s press release


6 entities blacklisted by the CNMV

CNMV warns against:


WEBSITE: www.stoxdc.com
COMPANY: Heimdall Developments Limited

Impressive Area

WEBSITE: www.impressivearea.com

Check out the 2 previous warnings about this platform, published by FSMA and AMF.

Otto Fx Trading

WEBSITE: www.ottofxtrading.com
COMPANY: Otto Global Forex Limited

Check out the previous FCA’s warning for this platform.

Trust Investing

WEBSITE: www.trustinvesting.github.io

Check out the previous warning about this platform posted by CNMV.


WEBSITE: www.cryptbull.io


WEBSITE: www.okx.com
COMPANY: Aux Cayes Fintech Co. Ltd. / Okex Malta Limited

CNMV’s warning list

FCA ostrzeżenie

FCA warns against 19 scams

FCA warns against:


WEBSITE: www.ecofxglobal.com

FCA’s warning


WEBSITE: www.camfxtrade.com

FCA’s warning

Financial Indemnity Committe

WEBSITE: www.ficommitte.com

FCA’s warning

Crypto Desk Trade

WEBSITE: www.cryptodesktrade.com

FCA’s warning

Cryptonary Farm

WEBSITE: www.cryptonaryfarm.com

FCA’s warning

Capital Wave FX

WEBSITE: www.capitalwavefx.com

FCA’s warning

CapWay Forex Investment

WEBSITE: www.capway-forexinvestment.com

FCA’s warning

Crypto Asset Trading

WEBSITE: www.crypto-assetstrading.ltd

FCA’s warning

Crypto Coin Xpert

WEBSITE: www.cryptocoinxpert.com

FCA’s warning

Stock Crypto Option

WEBSITE: www.stockcryptooption.com

FCA’s warning

AGFX Markets

WEBSITE: www.agfxmarkets.com
COMPANY: AGFXMarkets Limited

FCA’s warning

Verified Crypto Miners

WEBSITE: www.verifiedcryptominers.com

FCA’s warning

FXTM Investment Option

WEBSITE: www.fxtminvestmentoption.com
COMPANY: FXTM Investment Option Limited

FCA’s warning

Author: Izabela Kamionka

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